So Na Mo completes one year in the Corner Office. How does one look at that one year?

With mixed feelings I guess.

He is the first PM who did not worry about what people will think! So the call to build toilets and keep India clean was a brilliant move. It took 70 years for a person of that level to feel the need to wake up the country towards these basic needs.

No major reforms is not so much a problem but the cabinet is not very inspiring. Some of them standing out as terrible. Down right terrible.

Many small changes – people getting calls from MINISTRIES asking “has your mother got her pension credited” .

Brilliant foreign policy – I guess everybody will talk about this – so we need not .

It is funny that a man who said Minimum Government, Maximum Governance he takes it upon himself to tell us what to eat, what model of education you should follow,….etc.

mixed….as i said…

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  1. There is direction. Visible action.

    Plus he has to work with a mammoth, elephantine? bureaucracy which has been trained in working in a certain fashion over decades.

  2. Rice – 50/kg
    dhal – 100/kg
    oil – 100/ litre
    sugar – 40/kg
    bread – 25 / loaf
    eggs – 3/ unit

    keep dreaming…

    1 yr already ?Time literally flies..oh wait.. is NaMO back from his junket ?

  3. A few wins, a few misses, a great beginning.
    Courage to take up unusual challenges.
    Ability to take on bad press, slandering and persist, keep going.
    Attention to detail with ability to grasp opposing points of view.
    Ability to communicate, to motivate, to market.
    Ability to listen to feedback, change course.
    He has the makings of a great leader.

  4. I agree with moron. I still have to work to earn money. I was expecting rain of gold as soon as namo took over, but even after 1 year, there is not even drizzle of silver. Next time everyone vote for shree pappuji who will implement free food security.

  5. where is my 15 lakh credit per bank account… I run 4 bank accounts so should have had 60 lakhs by now? Remember black money refunds to our bank accounts…

    Leave alone crediting money.. they’re not even giving me last years income tax refunds.

    Fools Hardy government

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