Our fund managers ALWAYS talk about SIP and will talk you into a SIP when the pe of the market is high, low, sideways, …and there are lots of nice supporting articles too.

I have NEVER heard the following from any fund house EVER:

1. Yes, our fund management fees is high.

2. We run a good fund where you are making money. You know it, the media knows it, bloggers blog – so we are charging a premium.

3. We do many back testing experiments. We use ONLY what suits us. That is evident is it not?

4. Bluechip, Prudence, Top 100 are common nouns so we borrow it when we find other fund houses use it successfully we copy!

5. Now is NOT a good time to experiment with our new strategy fund.

6. Look we have a reputation, a partially controlled bank, media support – we get money even if we are not doing well….

7. The edge we claim is actually very thin but you are lucky that we are beating the market.

8. We got lucky!!

9. Our main job is asset gathering. Our top management feels good if they see us in the top performers list.

10. We have no clue where the market is headed. It feels nice to talk about macros so we do talk about it.

—–10 is a good start—————-

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