As there are no ‘welfare’ or ‘good for the patient’ doctors, I guess their life is easier. People eat what they want, when they want, in whatever quantity, quality…..and come to the doctor.

The doctor should say : “Hello joker if you abuse your body, eat shit, eat packaged junk, drink a 1000 calories a day, consume about 100kg of sugar in a year in solid form and about 1000 kg in liquid form, do not do any exercise…at 43 you are likely to have a fatal heart attack’ .

However no doctor wants to say this.

Now come to a situation in investing. A potential client – let us say he is an IIT and an IIM alumni. He is 29 years of age comes with his father who is an ex banker. And they proudly tell you that they have booked a flat in Xyz area (and that has not really appreciated) and they have a ULIP into which they are paying Rs. 50,000 a month for just 25 years….what do I feel like telling him?

Hello, you jerk, you were in a bank, but you do not understand investing. You have the full right to rip your own portfolio but why did you @#$%^ your son’s portfolio also?

However since we do not know the power equation between them….we choose the following 2 options:

teacher option: the mutual fund schemes that you have selected could be changed a little…BUT what you have bought as ulip is certainly lousy. How could you even say only Rs. 50k a month – comes to about Rs. 13 crores….etc.

salesman option: Sir this is very good, you have bought a ULIP for endowment, now let me show you a ULIP for pension…

So one has to decide between…options….

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  1. @moron Buffett
    Please don’t keep justifying your name.

    It’s good to have freedom of thought but not randomly in an acerbic tone like you do .

    Do well

  2. Aditya,
    you have made the comment without understanding.
    Please read the story by googling “Ramakrishna saving scorpion” and you will know who is moron here..

  3. karthick,
    I read subra’s post religiously and I am aware of the scorpion story.

    What I find a bit disturbing is an attack on subra. His posts are gem and important for me and many of us.

    And thank you for identifying the moron

  4. I agree with Aditya. The intention of the person is too sarcastic for almost all comments. Pl. mind your language Mr.Buffet.

  5. Mr Modi,

    your comment “What I find a bit disturbing is an attack on subra” clearly explains how your namesake is,unitentionally, destroying this country- creating a line of unquestionable followers. if one says anything even remotely not in line with your thinking, he is labelled a moron or worse a traitor.

  6. @Anish

    Prabhu!! Aap ke charan kahan hain..???

    Kripya dho lijie.. 🙂

    Taking my surname for such a large analogy!! I owe my today’s laughter to you.

    Do well

  7. Hi,

    I agree Aditya. Mr. “moronbuffett” please sir do something intelligent and stop bothering lesser mortals like us. If you do not like reading articles here, go and start your own Blog. People like me read Subra’s articles in Morning and my Morning slot of Sarcasm is only limited to my Boss who pays my salary. I have not once read anything remotely good in your comments since last 2 months of your commenting on this blog.


  8. @Aditya, Of course it was disturbing at first. But, it is good to know an alternative view as well, isn’t it??

    Moreover, Subra doesn’t even care about these things. Just let MoronBuffet play his role here.

    A request to you, please don’t read Subra’s blog religiously. He asks the right questions and expect you to find the truth. So, please read it objectively and raise the bar.

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