Hi readers of my book ‘Retire Rich: Invest Rs. 40 a day‘ – here is a request…

I want feedback on the book…and

a) what did you miss that I should incorporate in the new book

My take: this book will not contain stock buying tips, mutual fund selection tips, etc.


thanks…and please give the feed back in the comments here…

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  1. Hi Subra – the one thing you could consider including in the new book is thoughts/opinions/anecdotes around the more diverse topics in life, rather than just directly investment focused ones – just like this blog where you dwell on a variety of subjects. I got introduced to you via the book but it was the blog that turned me into a fan. The dialog between Swami Vivekananda and his Guru remains one of my favorite posts till date.

  2. adding to VR

    1. if possible please focus on issues related to health, mindset, financial and other pressures on post-retirement life/lifestyles.

    2. any case studies on retirees living alone / assisted living / retirement homes/ working post-retirement would be welcome

    3. any case studies on financial planning for retirees with health issues / reccurent medical expenses can be addressed

    caveat: not read the book; apologies if points are redundant.

  3. Hi Subhra,
    I am a great fan of your not because we have a very similar name, but the pragmatic approach that you extend in your blog. I have read your book. It was very well covered for inexperienced investor, how about covering more pragmatic problems through stories of various urban and rural folks connected, belongs to different demography , but like short stories of their finical problems and how they could approach the same.
    Consider like somebody early in his career about to earn very well, somebody in mid career not doing so well and person who is retired or stopped earning.. what are best possible way to answer their financial needs. I wish you could also highlight some basics of Macro economic factor that make all of non economics people at least relate to the world of money.


  4. I had like if you could include some so called “Black swan” scenarios like 20%-25% inflation for few years, terrorist attacks using nukes, war or some form of personal emergencies like having to take care of grand children in the event of accidental death of their parents or having to provide for disabled grand child. I have not seen any planning taking into account such low probability, high impact events and how to handle such events. Would be glad to know your thoughts.

  5. Subra,

    My suggestions

    1. Please write about your thoughts and experiences on early retirement in India – @ 35,40,45,50,55 years..
    2. What is the safe-withdrawal limit from a portfolio in India, in your opinion/experience.
    3. How much money to leave for the kids? What to do if there is money beyond your needs?
    4. What to do if you run short of money in retirement?

  6. 1. Asset allocation strategy post retirement
    2. Withdrawal strategy
    3. How long will corpus last post retirement
    4. Points to take care in documenting a Will

  7. Hi Subra, Please include your thoughts about early retirement (financial independence) in India. Say after 10 years of regular ‘work’ (35-40 years of age).

  8. Subra,

    The book is very dry. It helps people who are interested in personal finance and want to learn more but for new people who are starting it is difficult.

    Adding a lot of pictorial representation would help. The book refers to visualize this after 10 years or after 20 years. If we can make it pictorial that would make it awesome.

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