I love the fact that I run a blog and not a magazine. If I ran a magazine which was dependent on advertising, I would have to do product reviews. So that I can have some @#$%^& to fill my pages. It could also get me credit from the manufacturers…and hey I could make some money.

Sukanya Samridhi Account – can be opened by the guardian of a girl under 10 years of age. Can be opened in a bank or a post office.

Tax benefit: in the crowded 80 C this is also included, so investment up to Rs. 1.5L will be deductible. As this includes you ppf, pf, housing loan repaid, children’s school fees,….does not seem to be a great incentive….

Interest Rate will vary from year to year….current year is 9.1% p.a. Makes no sense…why will I not prefer the PPF account? at least the amount is surely tax free.

How much? Minimum Rs. 1000 to a max of Rs. 1.5L

Taxation: amount deposited is tax deductible. Interest not sure how it will be treated in taxation…

I actually have nothing else to write about this product

Should you buy this? No.

This is about 190 words.

If you want to read the same in about 1900 words read here



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  1. I will call it dowry fund, because it is only for girl child. What’s the difference between daughters and sons? We need to marry off girl children. So, it seems the government accepts dowry exists, and it cannot be eradicated. A shameful investment scheme.

  2. This investment scheme is just another thing to memorize for CA students and practising CAs… no tangible benefits for the tax payer as such. the schemes have been creatively named, I should say..

  3. Subra Sir, After the clarification from FM on the taxation on interest and withdrawal- the scheme does look interesting, isn’t it? At par with PPF, if not better?!

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