I know that the average age of the people reading this blog is about 35..but here is a post that even 24 year olds should read.

The lies our generation has told you (and you continue to believe) for you to take up the job with us is awesome!! We make you believe that honesty is the best policy and tell you the following lies:

1. There is a fantastic growth opportunity in our company.

I am sure you feel like saying: “May I have the mean, median, mode and standard deviation of your employee leaving profile? why is it that people are leaving in 2.3 years on an average?

2. We are growing at a fantastic pace, and are doing very well.

May I have the balance sheet of your company for the past 5 years please?

3. We have a fantastic bonus system!

Really? A person who used to work here did not get his annual bonus even though he worked for 10 months in that year.

4. We treat employees very well, give them flexi timings, and we have a great HR.

Really? I heard that the flexi time is really flexible. You can come any time and leave anytime after 12 hours….

5. The work that you will do will be very interesting.

The research analyst you have told me..he has no interesting work for the past 3 months. Is it true?

6. You will get extensive training.

LOL. I hear your training budget is zero. Zilch.

7. You will have a lot of flexibility in what you want to do around here.

What a joke. I heard that your company works only in one area – and that are is dying? and margins are crashing?

8. We are a professionally managed company.

Your wife, son, sister in law, and niece tole me that. So accurate.

9. Our infrastructure is in place. If you have a product we can sell, install and collect the money. You just go and play.

Oh! Sorry we sent the wrong bill to the wrong client. We raised an invoice, but did not know whom to send……

10. As soon as this project is over, we will be sending you abroad for some high level training.

Really? I hear horror stories of foreign trips…should I really take a survey among the people who have travelled in the recent past?


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  1. Subra, some of these lies get told to experienced hires as well. It is very difficult to gauge unless we talk to an existing employee who is free to share his views (rarely people are comfortable). Getting a good job is mostly about luck and being prepared for whatever it turns out to be after joining as well.

  2. I can relate to this point on flexi-timings a lot… it can work both ways, work can extend into US shift timings as well…

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