Here is the annual report for 2014…read on…if you are not bored…

Total number of posts in 2014: 489 new posts…taking the total archives to 3403. It will take you 1 year to read them all if you read 10 posts a day.

Best day still is a day in 2011 when I posted the story…”One word that will make you rich: NO”….I still love that post…it got 100,000 hits from Yahoo finance….

The top 5 posts were:

When there is death

Marriage! Be careful boys and girls

Step up your investing. Now…

Will we reach this stage …

Only step to attain wealth

Surprising that 2 are from Nov and 1 is from December. Statistically speaking it is the Jan post that got the best odds. These are THE MOST VISITED PAGES …for pages created in 2014.

Most of the readers came from India, but US is a distant second.

Total number of countries from where readers came? 153. I am sure I cannot name them. Thanks Indians !! u have reached all over. I cannot imagine a non Indian reading my India centric blog. USA, UK, Australia, Canada, …were not far from each other…

Abhijit, Mira D, Karthikraja, Bharat Shah, and VK are the top 5 commentators….the numbers are really close to each other. The top is at 60 comments. THANKS GUYS…you add the tadka to the blog…love you !!

Facebook, Twitter,, Rediff, – in that order sent people to the blog… and Jagoinvestor were not there in the top 5 this year.

I had 527 posts in 2013….



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  1. dear subra,

    Iam ur blog reader for three years now.My understanding of personal finance is far better.
    You have broken lot of myths.Pl continue your good work.

  2. Wow! Ahem… just ensuring I keep up the count. 🙂

    (Though I would have loved to flame venkywhat’s his name.. I hope a lot of insurance brokers find his mail id.)

  3. Dear Subra,

    A really fantastic website. I had been a silent reader for two years now.

    I had felt chastised and lashed with a whip sometimes, when I read about matters I had done wrong, wilfully or unknowingly. Your words are stronger and sometimes I felt you are directly talking one to one.

    Reading your blog had given me strength a lot of times.

    Keep going and seasons greetings.

  4. Dear Subra,

    Have been a silent reader for over 7 years now. I remember reading for the first time in 2008, during free time in my first job after MBA.

    Have been saying NO to many things, thanks to you.

    All the best and have a great year.

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