I got into a lift (at about 9 pm) where a very young boy and a young girl were having a conversation….and it went like this:

The girl said “U are so lucky you will go home and eat, I have to go cut vegetables, cook for myself and my husband and then eat…it will be 11pm by the time I eat”

The boy said “U made the choice of getting married, did you not?” It was not compulsory.

I am not getting into the role of a woman and a man in society, etc. but the boy is (was) right.


It is so sick and sad to see people crib about their situations in life. So cool down and make your choices in life. Realize that if you (or your kid) is in class X they have to choose to specialize. Is it going to be science or commerce?

LET THE KID MAKE THE CHOICE. It is not easy, but it is your job to show them all the choices. All choices are a combination of many factors including money.

So decide what you want in life (or rather what is MOST important) and 3-4 other factors. For e.g. if money is the MOST important thing and you are willing to work hard, will you work in Saudi Arabia where you may not have a great social life. Where your parents may not be able to visit you, even if they want to. Or are you willing to (and can afford) to study abroad (Ivy school) and look for a job in New York.

Or are you so patriotic that you wish to join the Indian army. Or the defense forces. Or perhaps write the Civil Services Exam.

Each job – being a doctor in a top hospital in the US, being an Investment banker, cricketer, actor, a doctor in a government hospital in a poor Indian city, or being a doctor in the army – all have their ups and downs. All have their share of money, pain, honor, politics, – REMEMBER that when you are making your choice.

Now exactly same while investing. In debt instruments look for safety. The only thing that is important in a debt instrument has to be safety of the principal. Return does not really matter – most debt instruments will be in the same range of returns. So decide what to do.

Will you be able to temper your Fear, Greed, Regret, – equities is all about that, not just how much money you have?

Do you have all your basics in place – medical insurance, emergency fund, a nice stable job, a double income family where one income can be invested and the other income used for day to day living?

The willingness to read, comprehend, learn, understand, implement and BE WILLING to accept your mistakes?

The markets remain the same. People change their attitude fare more capriciously than the market changing its characteristics.

Happy investing, and happy life.

Remember if it is to be, it is up to YOU. Go make it a Great Life.

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  1. Dear Mr. Subra,

    Again an excellent article.

    I am in Saudi Arabia working as an engineer.Its not great social life , but money and savings are good.

    So, i made a choice to earn money in young age and judging by the things going on for me, pertty soon i will be in the position and have an option to persue with the things i wanted to do in my life , without bothering for financial worries.

    So, yes you have choices and you have make things happen out of choices you have made .


  2. My thoughts…
    — In a fast moving world, a choice that seems good today can quickly turn bad tomorrow.
    — Choices driven by passion are usually bad choices, however, without passion, there is no point in making a choice.
    — 99% of our choices are driven by our wish to survive or avoid pain/loss; only about 1% are actually a result of our self-expression

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