I must thank Vishal Khandelwal for interviewing me for his website www.safalniveshak.com

He asked me a lot of questions, and I hope new investors will find some of it at least useful…in case u wish to read the full interview, here it is…you can down load and read at leisure (it is just too damn big)….Hope you enjoy it….Interview-with-PV-Subramanyam-PDF

in case you cannot down load…i guess u should be able to get it from his website…or on this blog itself -in 4 parts…as it was posted….

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  1. Dear Subra,

    A question on the interview. How did the bankruptcy of your broker lead to your bankruptcy? Since share certificates were held by you (or held in a depository these days), even if a broker goes bust, can’t we not transact on those shares through some other broker?

    Would be glad if you can clarify this.


  2. Hi Subra,
    Which is index fund that you mentioned in this interview available at 0.15% of annual charges? I know one you mentioned in one of your post was IDFC Nifty index fund which is having ongoing charges of 0.25%.

  3. HDFC Index Fund – SENSEX Plan is indeed available at 0.15 for direct plans. Very happy to know that someone is beating idfc nifty plan and hdfc is more mainstream fund house than idfc. Somehow I don’t like sensex and feel that nifty is better index to track Indian market, so will wait till hdfc offers nifty index fund at these on going charges. Anyway, one of the benefits of reading your 4 part interview at safal niveshak.

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