People reading my blog may have a feeling that I am anti those boys, girls, men and women working in the media. Far from it.

Many of those people are extremely hard working – and I can assure you it is a very tough job. You need to write, you need to understand (at least partially), read from the teleprompter, from the notes that you have made, edit continually, and speak fast. If you are doing Hindi you have to remember that ‘do hazaar choudhah’ is not ‘two thousand fourteen’. This is not really easy – because you write in English, and you read in Hindi.

Most of these kids are multi lingual – barring a few south Indians whose accent will be an awful give away – and can handle both channels with ease.

Just putting this across – so that people do not think that I am shooting the messenger.

I know many of these kids working in Cnbc, Group 18, Ndtv, Times, Business standard, Indian Express, other parts of the media. Many of them are brilliant and really hard working. I keep wondering how are they able to shut their brains off and say some inane things day in and day out. Amazing patience, I must admit.

I remember one girl telling me…’forget telling the same things…what about that silly grin – at the end of the day…my cheeks hurt’. So true..try keeping a smile on your face for 12 hours!! It is not easy…


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