As the end of the year approaches, and this blog reach extends to about 5 million hits, I was wondering as to what were the important moments of 2014.

Social media has been a big game changer in the market place for me personally and I do think this will not change in 2015 or in the near future. I’m very grateful for the opportunities and experiences that I have got throughout the year and have been happy to have written for Indian websites like Moneycontrol, Rediff, etc. and for international websites like Reuters and Yahoo.

Blogging is now a daily activity and knowing that at least 5500 UNIQUE READERS read my posts gives immense pleasure – and adds responsibility! When one gets recognized in a public place it is sometimes an honor and sometimes a worry. I try and think of something that will either help, excite, interest or worry my readers. I will continue to tickle and tease – and as usual will not answer queries. My job is to make you think. If you want answers there are at least a 100 other websites who will answer questions like ‘what is ulip?’ and what is a sip. It is not my business to tell you things that are there on other websites.  My blog will continue to tease and sometimes torment you.

I will continue to question the pampered investor (who knows nothing about protection), the regulator (who lives in an ivory tower), the manufacturer (who still makes products that hurt), the distributor (both the strong guys and the weaklings), ….and the novice first time to be investor.

My favorites are the students, I hope I make them strong enough to question their teachers, parents and the writers of books and blogs including yours truly.

Sharing the knowledge I have acquired over the last 35 years has always been a great experience for sure!

I was NOT completely oblivious to the power of content. However, I was also convinced that packaging and selling data and content was better left to the Bloombergs, and the Reuters. Lesser mortals just plod around the place and then shut down. I prefer the free blog with a few Google ads kinda model – it does not make money, but takes care of the costs of running the blog.

However I have been overwhelmed by the 100,000 odd comments on my blog, and the number of people who have thanked me for so many blog articles is stunning.

I started by writing a blog when I was a complete novice even to writing!  I had never written a blog before and had no idea what people actually wanted to know. However it is capital markets that I was passionate about and had spent some time trading, investing and training. About this market I had enough clarity and met with many people who had a very poor understanding of the markets. Every entrepreneur (and CEO)  will encounter the same worries, and anxieties when he/she tries to sit on top of a business – especially one which requires attention but will not support me financially!!




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  1. You are contradicting yourselves.. You are doing fine on financial blogging. Restrict yourself to just that and leave this morality,motivation alone

  2. Thought provoking articles, subra. Please do continue to blog and make us think more – on finance, health and life in general. I wish the number of readers go up by a few hundered times. I, myself, have introduced few people to the blog and they thank me regulalry for this.

  3. Thank You subra for so many things You parted with Lay People and gave us THE VISION of taking an informed financial decision.Many Readers stayed Loan Free ,Realized Importance of Retirement as Most Important Financial Goal , Realised that compounding is our best friend along with Time in Hand .I can go On and On and On…Suffice to say Thank You Sir

  4. And YES….We also realized how Renting most things as and when required instead of trying to own everything from a Carrrrr to BHK to second house by leaveraging 20plus years of earning life and then staying Asset Rich (IncludingDepreciating Pseudo Asset ) on paper and cash poor even in 50s…All of that Your Readers will not go through….And that’s also became possible because we read Your Blog.Thank You sir

  5. Subra: Your blog writing is unique and kudos for thoughtful insights you have shared in many topics of life, attitude, money etc. I am been regular reader of your blog for many years which I myself can’t recollect when it started. It helped me to look into different eye. I also shared the experience of yours to many. You are doing an amazing effort to bring a perspective in personal finance for readers like me. Keep continuing your best and a very BIG THANK YOU!

  6. I feel this is one the most interesting finance websites in India. Not just the finance part, Subra’s philosophy and matter-of-fact bluntness is what makes this a gem.
    Thank you, Sir!

  7. The suggestions/tips you have shared is very useful, I feel this is one the most interesting finance websites in India.visit the site They provides 70-80% accurate stock tips & commodity tips to the investor according to their custom needs & requirements.

  8. Andrew yaar.. Stop advertising on Subra’s blog. Till last week your site used to provide 90%+ accurate stock tips. Now it is lowered to 70-80% kya hua?

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