A few days ago I wrote on FB that people ask me wrong questions, let me enumerate some of them. Please remember that I am not really a hand holding personal financial planner, so the questions to me are lesser, but here….(and these questions are thanks to the media):

1. Subra the market has gone up from 21k to 28k in a short time, should I PAUSE my SIP for a few months and then start it again?

2. With crude being so low, will auto sales go up? Should I buy more of Maruti? and short Cairn India? or Reliance?

3. Will the next leg of the rally be led by the cyclicals?

4. With the dollar headed for 70…should I buy TCS, Indian Hotels, and Infosys?

5. Is Hdfc Ltd a good buy now? They have sold a small stake in the life insurance arm and I think they are listing their mutual fund?

6. Is it better to accumulate Hdfc Ltd. or Hdfc bank?

7. Raghuram Rajan will HAVE to decrease interest rates, is it a good time to by buying NBFCs like Cholamandalam / MM Finance?

8. Should I remove all my equity funds and put it in a liquid fund? and then I will do a STP ?

9. I am doing a SIP of Rs. 2000 per month for the past 6 years should I start another SIP in a different fund house?

10. I am doing a SIP in Hdfc Equity fund – and I read that when a fund becomes so big a fund manager finds it difficult to manage?

11. I have Rs. 5000 to invest should I diversify my risk by doing 5 SIPs of Rs. 1000 each – I was reading in the papers today..

…..and so on….

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  1. Most of these questions are based on either inadequate knowledge on equities or wealth managers of pvt banks(who can only earn money by cheating investors) confusing the investor even more.

  2. Add these to the list:

    1. Who am I ?
    2. Why am I born?
    3. Will I be happy ?
    4. Should I quit my present job and start a business?
    5. Should I take +1 commerce group or science group?
    6. Should I do MBA or go abroad for MS?
    7. If I join Bxx (Mxx) degree now, will I get job after x+2, x+4 years?
    8. Should I join my kid in xxx or yyy school for pre-kg in aaa board / bbb board?

    List is endless

  3. feeling a little pompous are we now.. maybe you were given a better learning experience than these folks who asked these questions… A little hand holding goes a long way… take a cue from Vishal of safal niveshak.. humility is a good trait to possess.. not money or knowledge…


    Average Joe

  4. @dalal:

    modesty is a virtue. false modesty is a vice

    vishal @safal niveshak is a snake-oil salesman of borrowed knowledge par excellence..

    will be interesting to see where his “world’s best business” is 5 yrs from now.

    He is a pied piper selling pipe dreams of quitting the day job and starting a home business (while he himself is a fulltime copy editor, part time blogger) to all ignorant and desperate white-collar folks

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