None of us plan to fail. We all know that we will live till 90. Sorry make it 110. So what?

– we are too damn young to buy a term plan. Why waste money after all we know we will live that long.

– we have bought a pension plan. Piddly by projected inflation standards, but so what, when India becomes a developed country inflation will be lower no?

– you were to make a will. Come on Subra do not joke..I am just 43..i have another 60 years to live, what is the hurry?

– Subra had asked me to surrender some ULIPs in 2012…I am yet to do it. I will do it, NOW.

These are just some comments. If in January of 2014 you made a plan, NOW Dec is a good time to see what happened. Audit time.

Did you meet that attorney for making YOUR will? Do it.

Surrender the ULIP. If you do not understand how to do it, LEARN. No point in buying things that you do not understand. If you have already bought it, surrender it.

Not planning is a nice way to fail. However, planning is fine ONLY if you work your plan. Just writing “Must speak to the lawyer and draft my will” is good only for the soul. If you do not work your plan, it hardly makes a difference whether you wrote it on a piece of paper or typed it in a Word Document.

So if you read Subra’s resolutions of Jan 2014 (which was just a cut paste from 2008, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13) liked it, copied it and showed it to your spouse, wow, I am honored.

If you did not do it, wow, join the gang.

You can read it again in Jan 2015….and not do it in the whole of 2015.

However, if you are sensible, review your resolutions. One of them is to take charge of your parent’s portfolio, go and do it.

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  1. Subra Sir,

    Just wanted to report a fraud going around with ICICI bank credit cards, there is some organisation calling up saying they are from payback company/mastercard company/Visa company & offering certain items in lieu of the Reward points , after explaining they ask for card details upto the CVV number, Post this a telephone call comes from another number saying the number is from ICICIbank to confirm details about transaction while simultaneously SMS comes from another number advising card account debited for 22,000/- rupees, post this the person(manager) at the end will tell you that the employee has cheated you he will take care of the sales person by reporting him to police,However he can not reverse the whole amount but only 15000 so you will have to pay around 6500/- for various gifts,
    I believe there is a chain of people which is using the numbers from PAYBACK accounts & calling people with ICICI bank card holders & asking them details defraud them, I persisted to just understand what exactly these fellows are doing,
    Hoping you can share with your wider audience,

    ICICI bank is not doing anything about this but lip service about sending a mail to

    thought i should share this.

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