No. I am not an expert on stress, but I do see a lot of people who are terribly stressed. One person I know had landed in his home town…and went to the DEPARTURE lounge and was sitting there in the club (J class lounge!). When another friend went and asked him where he was going he said ‘Chennai’. He was told he was already in Chennai…and promptly removed to a hospital.

Not all of us go through so much of stress, but some of us may NOT realize that some of these symptoms of stress exist in all of us!

Here is a check list – and remember the level at which you are DOES NOT MATTER. Kids go through a lot of stress too. In fact if you see the number of children committing suicide, you might wonder..who is more stressed:

1. Gaining Weight: If you are gaining weight, the chances are that you might also be eating wrong! Stress makes you eat wrong things, and you put on weight. We may not be calm or mature enough to realize that it is the stress that makes us choose wrong foods. See that happening to you or people around you?

2. Hassled about small things: Do you get hassled over trivia? do you scream, shout, etc. at your spouse, children, subordinates, maid…and have some of these changes been of a recent one?

3. Muscle tension: Do you see/ feel your muscle tense, knotted up and sometimes in pain? It could be in the neck, muscles of the hands and legs…and if a decent massage does not help, it is obviously stress.

4. Stomach ache, and digestion problems.

5. Hair fall, turning coarse? This is just the body’s reaction to some negative juices being generated by the body. This happens only when stressed.

6. Menstrual problems: The first sign of women being in stress is in the regularity of her cycle…

7. Sleep disorders: Not being able to sleep in the night and feeling tired during the day is one clear stress indicator. Do you suffer from this?

Of course there are other things like reduced sex drive, twitching of the eyelid, denial mode – of even attempting to quantify the problem, etc. etc.

CAVEAT: even if you think you are not stressed at all, it is worth seeking the help of a doctor…I mean a good doctor….

see if this works:



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  1. take a bow Subra sir.

    you need to add perhaps the pleasure seeking, pain inducing relatives also in the list :).

  2. Sir,
    I would like to add that stress is of two types EUSTRESS and DISTRESS while the earlier helps you to achieve more in life the second takes life out of living.

  3. If you already know you have stress, what good can a doctor do? prescribe you anti depressants? or ask you to take it easy and go on a vacation for 750 rupees fees?

  4. recently i went for a professional training and had above said symptoms. of course its self induced one to perform well and finally ended up being one among the last few.may be i should have approached the course in different way without thinking too much about end result.very late realization

  5. Hi subra,

    Very good post. I wonder how do you have knowledge in all areas apart from finance.. experience matters. super post again..


  6. Im feeling pathetic.. Still experiencing above symptoms but havent found solution.. Even best docs have failed.. Feeling stressed n isolated

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