Many people I know (I could have said all people, but not so fast) think that they will keep their jobs till they WANT to. Sorry, we are a young country, and there will be pressure from the younger people wanting your job. They are likely to have more energy and face it, the world likes young people.

Remember even if you are in your 30’s, one day you will be in your 50’s. And that is not far away from a RETIREMENT CORPUS point of view. It takes time to build the NEST EGG – the importance of ‘n’ in the compound interest formula.

Let us see whether your company needs you:

1. You are in sales and you bring 10% of the company’s revenue: Take a bow! If your company does not want you, do not worry, your competitor wants you. Okay you do not bring in 10% of the company’s revenue, but you are the RAINMAKER – the customer deals only with you and you have the executing ability – like consulting, merchant banking, or training. Sure, your company needs you.

2. You are invited to the strategic meetings of the company: You company has sensible / senseless meetings on things like strategy. You get invited and your views are sought. You still are wanted.

3. Your boss knows what you like to do, gives you that work, and gets busy removing the bottlenecks: Brilliant. Not only are you important, but also you are working on a project you like, for which resources are made available, and there is visibility.

4. You are allowed to poach: When you need resources you are allowed to steal from other projects. Nobody in the company complains working for your projects, your project is thought to be the next star (or even better a star which will become a cash cow!). HR does murmur but beyond that you are allowed to do what you want. A sure sign that you are MOST WANTED, go and enjoy yourself!

5. You are on your boss’s speed dial and your boss is ALWAYS available to you on all devices, and multiple times a day. Good sign that you are doing something important, and critical.

6. Your salary is above market rates, you are sure that you and the critical people in your team will get above average hikes. You know you can push the management to match a leaving person’s aspiration, so that the team stays intact.

7. Your assistant just turned down an offer of a 30% hike in salary because he/she thought your project is awesome: Somehow the kids get to know what is happening before the older people. The turning down is a very important source of information for you!

maybe there are more? can anyone fill me in please? This is all that I could think of….

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  1. Subra sir,
    Only 0.1% can claim any of the above points (1-7). For most people, this is only in dreams. Most of our jobs are fungible and people are easily replaceable. We are NOT ISRO scientists. There is always a guy 10 years younger to you willing to do your job. 1/2 the salary, with twice as much energy. So one can’t slack just because he/she is living a comfortable life right now.

  2. Subra,

    None of them are safe,even I can replace my boss at half of his salary,and some one else can replace me at half of my salary as well 🙂

  3. No. My company doesnt need me. But it needs my position and finding a replacement and training is a major inconvenience but can be done.

  4. No, I can be easily replaced ( working in a it services co as manager)Finding a replacement and training on the domain is a hassle though..

  5. True and scary, I will add one more point here – We should also think if my industry need me along with if my company needs me.
    It is possible that the company goes through tough times and have to lay off people. I have seen that in these times, politics plays greater role than your skills. (If the company is in dire situations, it must be doing something badly)

    Recently Yahoo India centre got closed, then even an employee who checks all these boxes was also told that we don’t need you. If industry needs you then you would be fine.

    @balaji: If finding replacement and domain training is not trivial, then you can not be easily replaced.

    @krishna: Do you know ALL things your boss does and are sure you can do all of it and your junior too can do it?

  6. Subra,

    One more thing, if you are getting stock options that are selable after a few years, then you may be wanted by the company.
    One thing is certain, there are companies that give you good carrier opportunities if you fall within the top 10/20% performers. It is not easy to remain in this group.
    Some companies do have a culture of valuing older staff. Best to remain in such a company after you cross 45 of 50 for sure.

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