I am not sure whether I should have said

– do I really teach? or Can I really teach?

If I stand in front of a class and expect to ‘teach’ something, am I cheating myself. Why are cheating and teaching anagrams?

Seriously, I do not know whether I can teach anything to anybody. Or whether anybody can teach anything to anybody. Almost all the learning is ‘caught’ not sure what can be taught. Try telling your kid ‘do not tell lies’ and then in the next breath say ‘If somebody calls, say I have gone out’. No point in then wondering ‘why is my kid telling me a lie’ .

In my class (in a college) what are the kids learning? They are busy skimming the ppt (reading the books is a wrong term to use dude) and finding short cuts to ‘crack’ the exam. Google gives them enough ‘knowledge’ to do a presentation, and perhaps even crack a tough interview.

Once the MBA degree is in hand, a Rs. 10L job in a big 4 firm is in place, do kids want to go back to their basic MBA books and REALLY learn the subjects? Do enough of them go to www.coursera.org to learn? Do they visit Investopedia?

Tragically the answer is NO. They do visit these sites if they need to make a presentation. Do they take 1 hour off every day to ‘grow’ their learning? In most cases NO. When you are 26 you have lots of other things to do also. And I am not being judgmental. They are in office at 9am and they are in a client meeting till 8.30pm. Sometimes later.

So beyond class 3 does the teacher really teach?

What can I teach about equity markets?

What is there in my ppt which is not already available on Google?

Or if you want to see how it is done on You Tube?

Or if I want to plagiarize on Investopedia? Really, nothing.

Life has become tough for teachers at all levels. Children have access to the same resources as the teachers have. So if a teacher cannot take the content and understand it BEFORE he/she stands up in the class, the teacher is not really adding value.

When people ask for my ppt that I use – I happily give it away to them. It is like asking for my cue cards. Take it, I am far beyond my ppt.

God bless people who want to call themselves teachers. I only facilitate learning.

If you see me parked on the way or obstructing your road to learning, please call the towing van. I have no business being an impediment to your learning. Happy Teacher’s day…..

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  1. I think the real job of the teacher is to create the desire and passion for the subject. The rest will be done by the student himself. I had experienced this firsthand from my English teacher. I come from a very small town where students do not speak English much. But i was lucky to have a teacher who created an interest within me to explore English. Today i am very thankful to her. Happy Teachers day.

  2. The following is my experience; unfortunately, I am on the wrong side of the following scenario [yes, I am bitter, a loser in corporate life, an utter failure as career is concerned].

    If LEARNING == Growing thick skin + appeasing your boss skills, then YES, please learn.

    Learning anything else is for losers. PERIOD.

    Learning gets you nowhere – it will make you cynical once you see that knowledgeable, intelligent, logical people are shunted out of corporate hierarchy and manager’s pets are the one’s who enjoy life/work.

    Kids, grow a thick skin, appease your boss – you will lead a very rewarding life.

  3. happy teachers day, subra. By the way, Teacher and Cheater are anagrams. acronyms are short forms of any long word 🙂

  4. Happy Teacher’s Day Subra… I am one of the many Eklavyas hitting you blog everyday and following up the line of thought you us with…
    And thanks for today’s gift-coursera.

  5. MASTER -Suffice to SAY- YOU DO ! No one else ever Taught That Rs 40 saved Diligently everyday and then PUT on work with PATIENCE as Companion can Produce RAINBOW ! God Bless YOU !!

  6. Happy Teachers’ Day to you sir…

    You have no idea how big an influence you’ve had in my life & what a difference your blog has made in my life. Hope I could have come here a little early in life.

    A 1982 born kid.

  7. Couldn’t agree more with you sir..
    its interesting to see your style of conveying d message is moving from its rich sarcastic style to a more analytic deductioning style like that of Jiddu Krishnamurthi

  8. Happy Teacher’s day Subra sir……
    It all started with yet another website for financial knowledge however it has become a part of my life.
    Subra sir, i have learned the best lessons from you.
    God bless u sir
    Sagar Chaudhary

  9. Subrasir

    no doubt you are one of the teacher who have influenced me a lot and least minimum i could say you made me read benjamin graham for a second time after my college days. frankly it looks a totally different and full of different in a decade time . continue teaching thousands like me and may God bless you and all the teachers abundantly.

  10. Happy Guruparv Subra ji,
    a teacher is anybody who knows & understand many thought/things.so a big thank you for your health(sugar consumption awareness & wealth creation ideas.

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