Life is not easy for a young married couple if they have no clue about each other’s financial personalities.

Many of the girls have a reasonable inkling of the CTC of the guy – say Rs. 10L and then they look at their own ctc of Rs. 8L and feel – ha that is fine. However the take home, and ‘keep with themselves’ salary is a big black box…so well I get a story read on:

How do you react to the following?

Key: H is Husband, W is Wife, F-i-L and M-i-L : Father and Mother in law.

First before I tell you the incidents put yourself in the following positions and reply from all the angles:

1. Marriage over, honeymoon over, slowly girl (she has a job with a Cost to Company Rs. 14L) tells the boy ‘I have a Personal Loan of Rs. 7L taken to pay off my dad’s GAMBLING losses’. Boy is shocked, but can do nothing now, right?

2. H and W go for an EXPENSIVE honeymoon (real expensive 6 months CTC for the 2 of them!!), and when the bill comes at the end of the month, EXPECTS THE GIRL to pick up the tab.

3. G works in compliance in a bank, and H constantly uses his company’s credit card ARGUING that he will pay before due date. While giving the credit card, the company has GIVEN A LETTER saying ‘this card has to be used only for the company’s expenses’.

4. H takes a personal loan for a ‘friend’ who is now refusing to pay back. He is paying the EMI in the case of a bank loan and the friend is absconding. Amount is Rs. 200,000.

5. H has taken a lot of bank loans, W refuses to bail him out. He is now blacklisted, so borrows from a shark. Interest rate? 3% per month, monthly compounding. W feels rotten because her money is in a bank earning 8.4% p.a. W has no clue what to do, but knows she should not bail him out – the past experience was not so good.

6. H is a joker tells everybody ‘My salary is Rs. 9 lakhs’ – actually it is the ctc and his take home pay is Rs. 29,500 per month. His siblings and parents think it is Rs. 75,000 per month.

7. W understands delayed consumption and knows wealth is in paper and demat statement. H comes from a family which judges everybody on how many houses, how well furnished, how many cars….huge conflict even while talking 🙂

the list goes on and on….AND THERE IS NOTHING that I can do about it.


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  1. You are very right about financial compatibility and openness/honesty. In my own case, I was going crazy over all the “immature” finance related fights we were having all the time. Although we have no debt obligations, one wants to go for every 1st day 1st show, expensive vacations and hotels (apparently local tourist places are for losers!), eat out every alternate day (in places that cost at least 1.5-2k per couple!), outsource every domestic chore so there is more time for lazying about and chatting with friends and family….Things certainly improved over time and I guess it’s more from self-awareness than by force…

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