Recently are there too many articles about young couples and money?

I am not sure, but there are many requests for such articles from parents and the kids themselves.

Money as a topic of discussion seems to be more difficult to discuss than even sex. In a country where children are kept away from ‘adult topics’ like money, it must be a real challenge. I think most of the kids know nothing about money – they just have a very emotional attachment towards money. They have seen their parents fight, argue, worry, or enjoy their money.

Assuming that the girl comes from a family with no money problems, she cannot understand why the Guy is so money minded. She might even wonder whether he is some kind of a money maniac. However if she comes from a money worried family and her husband comes from a carefree family, she panics. One can also see a huge difference between a family from rural India and one from urban India.

Mostly boys and girls know so little about money that they do not think it is necessary to talk about it. HOWEVER, IT is absolutely vital to talk about money BEFORE YOU tie the knot!

They need to know the following about each other:

– do they come from financially secure families or worrying families (this surprisingly has not much to do with the amount of money that they have)

– do they invest in assets (which grow or pay regularly) or in show off items like car, tv, fridge, etc. which can be shown off to the world.

– do they understand INVESTMENTS (like equities, equity mutual funds, etc.) or do they put all the family money in Gold and RE – and they have no clue about calculating returns?

– if the girl understands assets, asset allocation, equities, mutual funds, etc. CAN she take control of the FAMILY INVESTMENTS?

– who really controls the purse strings? likely suspects – girl’s father, boy’s parents, boy’s siblings, some friend who has got them committed to various assets and liabilities, …FIND THE REAL person.

– if the boy / girl is gullible are the people around them taking them for a ride?

– is there any process or procedure for giving loans / gifts? have many loans become gifts because friends are not repaying the so called ‘loans’?

– do you hear past stories of how he was cheated by an ex employee, friend, cousin, – look hard, the culprit could be the guy you married!! Some people wear a ‘Fool Me’ badge saying ‘ask me for a loan, and I will give you a gift’.

what about the money that a girl can send to her pre-marital home? This becomes a main point of fight. So please clarify ‘May I send some part of the cash to my mom’ is a fair enough question BEFORE MARRIAGE !

THIS is a never ending post..just cutting off here…

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  1. Hi Subra,

    Could you please write article on having single child. More specifically having only girl child. I hope you are the right person to write on this.

    I searched in your blog articles, but could not find one specifically on this.

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