One of the fun things in life is to BREAK THE RULES. Please read this very carefully, I have said Break the Rules, not Break the Law.

So first go and make some sold Investment Rules and make money by adhering to them. Then when you understand how the rules were made, and how was it helpful, start wondering if you can break them, and if yes to what effect.

I normally do not go to a zero position in a good share. For example I am completely out of my trading positions in Reliance, but still hold my Investment position. Yes I have gone down a lot, but still have some position left. However in case of Wheels India I have gone to a zero trading and investing position because at Rs. 820 (25/6/2014) I thought the share was more than fully priced. I just exited the full position. Awesome price ever recorded on that day – upper limit..and it had hit the upper circuit two days in a row. Breaking of my own law. Sensible or foolish – time alone will tell.

Over the last few months (12-14 perhaps) I have been desperately seeking arbitrage opportunities because I did not think it was an investing market. So the arbitrage between Sabero, Liberty, and Coromandel International played out very well and I was surely impressed by my ability to spot all the opportunities – and but EID Parry. Obviously as the parent company EID was the biggest beneficiary, and that also played out well because the sugar prices started playing out. Luck, clearly luck that I was sitting on it when the share decided to go up. Broke all my rules of a Group Exposure, buying a share in a company not earning decent profits, holding on to an open position waiting for the prices to improve – amazingly stupid I guess…but hey it did work.

Buying PSUs – personally anti psu banks, and generally psus…however took position in psu banks, Ongc, Coal, Ntpc, etc. Again broke the rule of psu investments, doing arbitrage, etc…well it worked for me, ….

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  1. Sir,

    Can we know your personal rule for what % to maintain between an investment position and a trading position within the same stock?

  2. first you should have nice solid rules by which you make money. After that you can start modifying, breaking laws – or say ‘I will do transactions NOT EXCEEDING Rs. 15L by breaking this law….you have to decide for yourself…

  3. dont know whether u will call this a rule.. earlier i use t do lot of diversification and buy everything i like use to track some 15-20 stocks . made money ..gud money but was difficult to track . i did this like for 5 years but nowadays from last 7-8 months im focussing on only 2 sectors and focus on only 2 stocks per sector.. a risky bet but save my time..

    this comes in ur definition of making rule making money and then breaking or making a new rule???

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