I get lots of requests from people for equity / mutual fund / investment related answers. Here is a post saying why it is very very very difficult to handle them.

The typical queries are:

1. I have invested in IDFC Premier Equity fund. Should I book profits now?

2. I have a demat account with India Infoline. They are asking me to do FnO should I do it?

3. I have Rs. 20 lakhs to invest – give me 10 funds in which to invest Rs. 2L each – and not see it for 20 years.

4. My husband and I have retired – can you please tell us how to invest Rs. 1.3 crores which we have got from our retirement corpus. We wish to keep them in bank Fixed deposits – do you not think it is a good idea?

…I am sure you are getting the drift of the questions.

Please note that for a person like me to know how YOU should be investing I need to know much, much, more about you.

What is your networth? Age – you, your wife, your dependents – all the ages.

Your risk taking capacity – both ability to take risk and need to take risk

How comfortable are you when the markets are in the red – and there is blood on the streets.

Your education level, your past experience, your ability to understand equities, debt, etc.

Your job – the certainty of salary and for what period, your level of indebtedness…

So just asking me one question does not help.

I still need the full medical check up. You cannot tell me “My blood group is A+ – tell me should I take &*( NEW medicine or no….


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