Narendra Modi as India’s Prime Minister?

Many people do not want him there, and there are many people who want him there. This post is not about that.

This post is about the anglophiles, and anglo subservient people at the top in India. They think that SPEAKING ENGLISH is a skill which is essential in life. Typically upper caste, well educated, some exposure to Oxbridge, these guys can speak on a lot of topics – but had not done much.

For them ‘Cannot speak English’ is not just a disqualification, it MEANS such people should not hold any post of significance. All this came from Nehru (Anglophile Grade 1), Jinnah, etc. and has done a lot of harm for the people of this land.

Go back to the 1970s. Cricket was played in Bombay, Madras, Bangalore, and of course Delhi. Commentators like Talyarkhan, Vijay Merchant, etc. would speak in the Queen’s English and I am not sure if SM Gavaskar would have been chosen if he did not have a degree from St. Zavier’s (or equivalent).

Then came a guy named Kapil Dev. No English, only cricket. Got selected, Hindi commentary was introduced. So suddenly a person who could not speak the Queen’s English could captain India, AND win the world cup.

SO WE WENT HINDI and conquered the world.

Then the flood gates opened. Today cricketers do not consider lack of English as a big stumbling block to their international success.

I hope Na Mo does that to Indian politics.

We need somebody who would put all out bureaucrats, judiciary, journos who flaunt English as a knowledge qualification and hide their lack of subject knowledge. It is time we got rid of the anglophiles and anglo subservient. We must be the only country agonising over electing a PM who does not know some other country’s National Language. I am sure Russia, Germany, China, Japan – would not even understand what are we cribbing about.

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  1. I don’t think, it is his lack of ability to communicate in English that people are worried about. There are more serious issues with that guy which people are concerned about, if he comes to power.

    But I see the what you want to say, and agree with you that people English should not be the criteria on which a person should evaluate someones subject knowledge.

    But it never harms to know the international language and one should not be stuck with history and culture and, just out of mere stubbornness, say no to learning something useful.

  2. Oh, yes, It never harms to know the “International Language”(what is that????? confused, could anyone explain??) at the cost of our Intellectual heritage.

  3. Governing a country is certainly not the same as captaining a cricket team. Sure they need a few very similar skills but no one would give a damn if a cricketer was ignorant of historically significant events, current affairs, foreign and economic policies, etc…

    Since our education is MOSTLY in English medium (unlike that in China, Germany, Russia, and Japan), we associate professional competence (in many but not all fields) with ability to communicate in the language of our primary education – which just happens to be English and for no other fancy reason. If we can have all that in our own language, I don’t think any one would complain or demand English as a pre-requisite for many of the posts that matter.

    That apart, I think many of us just enjoy learning new languages. Being a North Indian, I do have very good grasp over Telugu, Tamil, and French…Kannada is currently getting added to that. I don’t think I know anyone in my circle that’s not comfortable with at least 3 languages…

  4. The English ruled india for over 250 years .They did not rule China,japan,russia or Germany. History cannot be wished away just because some random nationalist pride in a particular language (say Sanskrit or any Indian language ) is strong. It is a fact of history and circumstance that English (a very indian version of the language) is critical for success both within and without India.
    Do you propose that we forget that English is as much a part of our nation’s heritage as much as Urdu or any language like Marathi (which did not even exist 800 years back).Languages evolve and their importance to people is an accident of history and not pride and other emotions

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