in the South when Tea was introduced it was given free…


now do not ask why is sugar bad? read this and keep wondering why the world is going sugar free?

do not believe the ECONOMICS of sugar, though. It is the cotton farmer committing suicide, not the sugar farmer.

also remember he is suggesting u buy ‘gur’ or ‘jaggery’ – i am for it, but remember it sells at Rs. 65 a kg vs Rs. 40 a kg for sugar.

I hate sugar, and am a user of gur and brown (unrefined) sugar…but still the economics of Rajiv is not why i am putting this here.

but yes sugarcane production and sugar production are extremely expensive in terms of water and yes these mills are polluting, no clue why….Gur is better on environment and health – but yes it is expensive. I use brown sugar (Rs. 80 per kg) ….:-)

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  1. Incidentally, this time of the year, people get the Khajur (Dates) Gud in Calcutta/Bengal. Pretty amazing stuff! I love jaggery too and replace it with sugar every chance I get.

    However, the contention on white vs brown sugar is still subject to debate, I think (based on recent references on their nutritional content).

  2. Actually honey is not pure honey. I have heard that most of the honey that you buy is a form of sugar and not pure honey. Better to stick to Gud and avoid sugar as far as possible.

  3. incidentally ,only today i tested the sweet without sugar/jaggery , but with dates,sent by my daughter, and liked better! there are many healthy alternatives of normally used items, such as unpoliced(brown) rice instead of polished white rice, unsieved wheat flour instead of sieved wheat flour, but difficult to introduce in home due to reluctance to change is human!

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