When you talk to CEOs they talk about TOPLINE and when you talk to Analysts they talk about BOTTOMLINE.

Topline is of course ego driven, bottomline is EPS.

No, I am not going to talk about company performance, but about website performance. I keep looking at the number of people who visit this blog and that is now stagnating – for the past 3-4 months it has actually been following. So I had a conversation with a few kids who know something about SEO and I was told that the numbers to monitor are traffic, likes, number of registered users, number of followers, number of downloads, ….etc.

Then I realised that to me these indicators do not matter. Do not matter at all:

1. Number of comments: Every day about 12-24 comments are actually spam! with so many automatic commenting machines and software programs is it surprising that there are so many spams? How does it help a blog if there are a few more comments? I would rather have genuine comments. WordPress is perhaps over strict with spams, but I will live with that!

2. Number of followers: on FB I have many people following me – and frankly I have no clue how it helps, do you? People come, follow and go away. Not very sure except helping my ego!

3. No. of retweets: On twitter there are a lot of people who do retweet (#pvsubramanyam) – but most retweets are for posts on Khoparghade or Tarun Tejpal not for posts on mutual fund costs or ULIPs being expensive.

Honestly I would prefer people who come and ask genuine questions, or have arguments about investing, about asset allocation, about why equity will perform better than debt over say 10 years, on why an asset based on cash flow is easier to value than something like gold.

Not sure if I am right……………just some year end introspection. Even clicking on the Google ads is not of much use – unless of course you stay in New York, New Jersey, London, New zeland, Australia, South Africa, …..even Google likes hard currency…….

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  1. You are asking too much from your audience. We ( i include myself in the crowd) want to talk more about things which will not impact us and will talk about things where we can make fun of others. Facts, Figures and other life related issues, we always want to copy from others so that we can blame the failure on others like fate, bad time, betrayed friend, bad wife and so on

  2. Hi Subra,

    There are almost 513 readers in Feedly I assume that every one in feedly follows your blog. This way 513 odd reader will not bring direct traffic to your blog, we are all feed reader and read only your feeds instead of visiting directly your site. However inorder to share comments/feedback we would land up in respective pages. This is for your kind information. As usual your blog is informative and educative.


  3. Dear sir,

    I read your article daily every morning from your website directly. Also, have recommended many of my friends n relatives.

    U are financial god for us.I know these fan following do not matter to you. Does god has this in mind that is he famous enough amongst people….He only does what is right and rest follows itself.

    Keep going…..Strong…Subra sir rocks.

  4. I do not miss to read your blog daily. But many times I do not have the time to comment. That does not mean I did not read or like your blog. Each and every blog is very informative. I fact I forward many of them to my son too. He reads and send a comment to me immediately.

  5. may be u shud just look into how many times ur site has been visited n by how many unique IP addresses n der average live timme being a minimum of 15 mins.. dat will get u the real number of people who are daily waiting to hear from u

  6. i am also regular reader and fan of your earnest blog. i used to read it daily, but when can not , do read the pending posts , whenever i get access. regarding comments, sometimes i start, then i feel, its too primitive and leave it!

  7. I usually don’t comment, but I regularly read your posts in my RSS reader. Of all the Indian blogs in personal finance sector, yours is the best. You may not know it, but the posts do influence how I think and how I live my life. Thank you for giving me a new outlook.

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