For all those people who believe in the power of the mind, visualisation, ..etc. it may not come as a surprise to know this! If you are scared of money, or treat money badly, chances are you will not HAVE too much money.

If you have borrowed in the past – or even worse if you have invested friends money and lost it – all these leave a great impact on your money psyche. All this make it difficult to think about money without bringing any emotion when you think about money.

So let us see what are the things which leave a mark on your money life story….here:

1. Have you had a difficult ‘Money’ childhood? This can make you miserly with your money OR it can make you spend money twice as fast as normal people! be careful…money footprints are easy to trace and CORRECT too.

2. You link money with poor reputation: ‘Behind every fortune is a crime’ – if this is your thought, you are REJECTING money at the intellectual level. You are not comfortable being rich, or having a lot of money. You could also extend this by thinking ‘Oh money does not buy happiness, money hurts relationships,…..etc…..

3. You worry when things go to well: you question your success, you think you do not deserve it, you are worried that quickly you will lose it all,….all these are thoughts which translate into manifestations of not LIKING money. You are sending out a signal to the Universe that you are scared or success or money.

4. You keep saying ‘I am satisfied I do not need money’ – more manifestation of   “Rich man thief, Poor man nice man’ syndrome working on your brain. This may be just jealousy, envy and not REAL satisfaction. If you are in utopia, the worst thing you can do is to think about it!!

5. You do NOT have enough savings, and that scares the hell out of you. External manifestation could be exactly the opposite!

6. You have money, but are very MISERLY with YOURSELF: this is the ultimate behavior when you are afraid to spend money, but you are worried about ‘what will others think’. In such a case you OVERSPEND when you need to create an impression (girl friends, parents, wife, children – anybody whose opinion matters to you) but when you are alone you cringe.

7. You hang out with people who fail with money: It gives you great satisfaction to be a giant in a group of pygmies….here you feel secure and superior because you are constantly praised saying ‘You are so well off….etc.’ – Just check whether your income is the average of 5 of  the income of  the 5 of your best friends…(this is am American formula not sure if it works). 


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