We just say that we do lie about money…let us see why some of us do it…

1. We do not want to accept that our decision was wrong: One kid left Indore to work in Mumbai. Her father told her ‘ at 21k take home pay it is not worth shifting to Mumbai’. Now she cannot go back and ACCEPT that he was right! So she struggles – literally living pay check to pay check she has a much lower standard of living compared to her parental home! She never tells her dad about her crippling credit card debits, her expensive phones, her expensive movies (5 a month @ 400 a flick + eating out)…….

2. We do not want our parents / children / spouse to know the cost of our hobbies: Rs. 45000 for a cycle, Rs. 13000 for  a running shoe, Rs. 54,000 per annum for a gym, ……etc. may sound shocking to somebody earning less or somebody who thinks these are terrible over kills when there is children’s education, family vacation, parents medical bills, upcoming marriages. So people take the easy way out – tell a lie. Drop a zero and it will not hurt much!

3. Ego: Imagine  a parent or kid saying ‘May i pay your cell phone bill, I just found out that your bill amount is unpaid’ or something like that. For most people their ego will not allow such an intervention…

4. Habit: people lie about time, relationships, money, etc. just as a habit…

5. May not want your loved ones to know about your health, finances, etc. – especially if they CANNOT help but will feel bad. Like a mother who is not well off. She will only feel worse if she knows the pain her daughter is going through!

6. Just goodamn scared: One boy when confronted by his dad with “Tell Mr Kishore how much money do you owe on your credit card? 5k, 8k?’ – just said yes. He actually owes Rs. 68,000. His father was a municipal employee living well on a pension of 43000 per month.

Son earns Rs. 9 lakhs and has a loan for everything – including his wedding.

I do think there are many more….will leave the comments column blank…..come on readers tell me why. Please tell me why ON MY BLOG not on FB…..that gets lost……

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  1. “Social pressure”, how can I (well qualified) should defend, why am I earning “so less”??? 🙁

    The biggest thing we do is, to live by someone else’s standard (can be your parents/relatives/friends/colleagues), knowing oneself is long journey and people hardly care about it….

    As said by my Running Coach, you have to run your “own” race….

  2. Well, my case is other way, I dont want to let people know I have some money. True..Everytime I declared I had money, there was a bill that was given to me and made me pay that( I live in a joint family, I dont mind paying but not for the sake I have money).
    so I never tell I have money.
    Even with such habit, lot of my relatives have their own estimates of my wealth/ investment details..
    Sometimes too much of this pisses me a lot.

  3. I think all points are applicable in our real life situations we do not want to accept mistakes instead of that we cover up by commiting one more mistake by telling lie.Point no 5 my husband do this all the time.

  4. I agree with @Dhivya about not wanting to disclose my financial details.
    Nobody has asked me to pay their bills (so far), but why take a chance ? 😉

    As for credit cards, and other debts — whenever I get any “hot offers”, I simply ask the telemarketer whether a “non-refundable loan” is possible.
    They get the message quickly, and politely say ‘Thank you for your time’ before I hang up 🙂

    On a more serious note, I don’t need to lie about my money or finances to anyone, but then I have also learnt not to give out too much information either.

  5. Subra

    1. Like Jayant above said we live by others standard. That is the way of life for us Indians. If other are impressed or approve of us then we are sucessful! And thats why we like

    2. I understand the girl from Indore, why she is doing it. But please tell her to grow up or get another high paying job.

    3. Dhivya – I understand you very well. My husband is at the receiving end – just like you. And yes, never tell you have money – if the attitude at the other end is what it is. You have to take care of yourself. No one else will. I saw my parents learning it the very hard way and it is way too painful to watch your parents in pain.

    4. For some good reason – I never had problem facing reality – that I do not have money. I also knew I was solely responsible for it.

  6. Well I say its human nature to tell lies in order to handle the situation the way they feel it would be safe for them. We lie because it works, and because it has benefits.

    I feel telling lie is a sign of intelligence and cognitive skill.
    Haa Haa

  7. Is paying bills and having money the only thing in life! Sick! Seems liking living is lost in between! – People not footing their relatives bills, son/daughter not telling the actual thing to their parents. Society is give and take. Its at least family!

    If you don’t tell the truth somebody else will shout it for you. Wont it be better to tell the truth oneself? After all we are not that self reliant in life and money/visa/mastercard wont buy everything!

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