One more nice middle class myth, please break it.

How many times have you heard this…..For girls PSU bank jobs are fine – there is not much work, there is a good salary, job security, LTA, and a lot of time to look after the house.

All of it is wrong.

In a typical PSU bank, the VRS took away a lot of people with tons of experience. Now the people left behind have not much experience or not even much training. Many Psu banks work with inadequate staff – forget leave vacancies being filled up, even regular vacancies are not filled up. If you are a new MBA who has joined as an Assistant Manager, chances are some of the older staff may not even co0perate with you. The unionised staff thinks you are terribly overpaid and brought there just to break the union.

There are kids who reach the branch at 9am and leave at 8pm.  NO.   I am not exaggerating.

Amidst all this bank pass book updating, sitting on the cash counters as the cashier had to leave early, and all that you have sales targets to achieve.

Why is the situation so bad? Simply because less than half the staff does all the work. The PSU bank’s HO is to be seen to be believed – no appointments after 4.30 is possible, but I just heard of a branch issuing a PO at 7 pm.

What is norm in Hdfc bank and Axis bank is now also the norm in a few PSU banks. Remember not long ago Axis bank looked like a public sector bank, it no longer does.

Idbi bank may be saddled with NPAs because of political pressure, but the pressure at the lower levels to achieve sales targets is as high as a typical private sector bank. And to make it worse, it may not have the commensurate benefits 🙂

So please re think these myths…..

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  1. Thanks for breaking this myth for me … I was thinking on these lines for my kids but what u r saying makes logical sense. Any ideas about sunshine sectors will be highly appreciated. BTW big fan of yours, follow ur blog every-time I’m on net, continue the excellent work.

  2. Absolutely true friend got selected as po and after working for few months,left the job. He got selected in another govt job through SSC and very Happy. No tension.

  3. I am working with a psu bank and I concur with each and every word that you have blogged about. Staff crunch, unrealistic targets and tremendous work pressure are a norm. Above that govt wants to implement financial inclusion through psu banks. They want us to open branches in north east and naxal affected areas and at the same time asks for profit.

  4. Very true. I have seen branch managers, chief managers, and may others slogging at banks. PSU or no PSU. Whosoever thought that it means having-time-for-yourself has not updated herself/himself. In fact it is one of the most difficult sectors to work with, because it may come with no “extra” perks. And who is talking about leaves? Forget leaves, many times they don’t get off on Sundays also.

  5. other than Dilip I am assuming the other 3 are girls. Don’t we have this MYTH about psu bank jobs? It is sickening – I know many girls and older people too who are at the receiving end of this HUGE work load, cannot hurt a customer even if he is withdrawing Rs. 200, old people who will ask for different combination of notes,…do these people DARE to go to private sector banks or foreign banks? No. that is what i was trying to say….

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