‘When you wish to make God laugh, show him your business plan’.

I am sure you all have heard about this…

No this post is not about me laughing or me being God ! It is just a few cases when I laughed when I was shown the details..let me enumerate them – they are neither in chronological order or the quantum of laughter:

1. I laughed when I was told that the Maruti IPO was over-priced: I think it went up 10x of its listing price.

2. I laughed when I was told about the Reliance IPO pricing: I was willing to pay 25% of the price of NTPC. At that point in time NTPC was priced at Rs. 225 – this meant I was willing to pay about Rs. 75 (rounded off!) and not Rs. 430 which was being asked for!!

3. I laughed when a journalist called me and asked ‘What if 10 billion US $ came into the mutual fund industry?’ – this question because the great RBI had  said that the ‘limit’ of foreign money that could come was US $ 10 billion.

4. I laughed when one of the ‘Investor friendly’ listed brokers called me to sell a ‘risk-free’ 12% permanently rolling NSEL contract! I asked him how much was his company making…and then I asked him to explain risk free. He had no clue about what risk was.

5. I laughed when one 60 year old father of a 29 year old said ‘my son should not take any risk with his portfolio’ so I am investing in PPF, LIC and a house. Father is a banker, son is a PhD in statistics. Both don’t understand the U of ULIPs and their house is full of ulips…..’my bank in which I work will not give me a  bad deal no, Subra’…..I laughed again.



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  1. Subra, you can laugh as you are knowledgable about various investments and cannot be taken for a ride. But what about people like me.

  2. Mohana Ganesh…Is anyone stopping you from gaining knowledge? is it Subra’s fault, if he has knowledge and you don’t? Just a thought…

  3. Mohana Ganesh just learn to say NO. You do not need 99% of the products that the BFSI is offering to you. You do not need life insurance, you do not need any more loans, you do not need PMS, no new MF schemes, no FMPs, ………..complete NO.

    Say NO, then laugh. Simple. Only complex product that you need is perhaps an annuity. NOTHING ELSE…

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