This blog is now more than 5 years old, and I hope it has made some progress. Also once in a while I keep checking to see which are the most popular stories and I realize that the stories that have been ‘titled’ well are the ones that catch the best attention like –

Rags to riches in 18 minutes and

If you Die tonight what would your family do


Here are 5 top stories (does not include ‘author’ and Sachin Tendulkar and Obama story !!)

So just as a numbers game (as on 28 Sep) these are the top stories:  a story talking about how the poor kids under tremendous pressure from their peers, the world and Indian economy are also pressurized by their parents. Parents trying to fulfill their own ego requirements through their kids.

this story is about what are the things that are dragging you down from being wealthy…

a tongue in cheek advise to boys – and one girl calls me and says ‘how insipid’ you did not say financial in the heading 🙂 so read on boys – obviously the girls liked it more

it takes a Complex mind to think of simple things – is a Chinese proverb. And Leonardo da Vinci said ‘Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.

So read on…

I am sure you will enjoy all the reads…about 10,000 people (at least) have read these articles – so make sure you leave a comment on the blog, not on FB….

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