How to sell more?

by scaring people (tap water will kill)

by seducing people (put photographs of mountains on water bottles)

by enlisting the support of media (i have stopped saying paid media, there is no other type of media anyway)

exactly what we do in all businesses.

You must have life insurance. (scaring people)

You must have 15 times the annual income. (the truth is far away, and it should be a function of ones expenses and unprovided for goals, not a function of income)

ULIPs are better (I am yet to see anybody with a return greater than 5 % p.a. with ULIPs)

Fund managers will do a good job (true better than a retail investor – but not true if you have been born and brought up with equity investors)

Frankly the pharma, food, fuel, ….industries make the financial services space look like SAINTS.

….see this blog

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  1. Whattttttttttt ‘Manufacturing demand’ and empty bottle’s are recycle in Madras. From California to INDIA. For making their Country clean they are exporting DIRT to INDIA.

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