lots of young Indian boys can never turn entrepreneurs simply because

– no father wants his kid to marry a ‘business’ guy

– his own parents want him to buy a house (because when they were young they struggled to buy one)

family generally believes that if you have a nice degree and can get a job….wtf  will you do business? after all we are middle class, are we not?

and we do not like

– to leave the middle class tag (oh yes our Esops are worth Rs. 5 crores and our flat Rs. 4 crores and the second flat is about Rs. 3 crores and we have no debt, but our mind is still in the m.c. segment)

i know kids in the office who will NOT DARE to quit their jobs….and a nephew whose talk of being on his own was stuck down – and I guess he was shown my example and threatened….’don’t be like him’…not sure, just guessing…but here one kid has said it well


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  1. hello Subra.. I ve been following you for long. Have not commented much. I landed on your blog from Deepak Shenoy’s couple of years back. thanks. I am one of those who seeks usable information and I get it from urs.

    Do you think it might be a good post idea to list down a few people like you guys who write down thoughts that can actually be put to use ? I could understand if there is a conflict of interest here.. but maybe on the life sciences, or on health, or on startups..thanks.

  2. so true and so sad !
    suggested a cousin set his own shop instead of being a cyber coolie- was talked out by uncles saying – he (self) makes money by speculation (which of course is a sin- even though did not have a penny in stocks then) .

  3. SV – people like me will have no skin in the game. It hardly matters what I say – the guy who does it will run the risk and reap the rewards..

    i do not see any conflict of interest – I have no interests. LOL.
    and in blogging i make so little money – that it pays for the maintenance. Period.

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