Normally you end up with classmates, neighbors, cousins, colleagues – and you dip into this for your best friends, right? Well almost yes. However today it is possible to have ‘friends’ numbering 154,000 on FB and knowing about 133 of them.

Also you could get into ‘interest groups’ and find about 1000 friends interested in photography, motor cycle riding, flying and swimming. The only thing of common interests is the ‘hobby’ or ‘advanced amateur’ status of the hobby. What happens if you are in a group of photography friends? Well you could find somebody using his cell phone as a camera to be in that group, but then you could also find somebody using a Hasselblad camera costing US $ 36,000 (your 3 year gross income?) also as a part of the group.

Well, when the guy owning the H camera says lets meet for dinner….he means the Hilton, right? So beware of going shopping (or a simple dinner!) when you are with him or her.

Let us look at some ‘friends’ who can be a financial disaster for you……

1. The Rich Enabler: Who will look at a Rs. 14,000 shoe and say ‘this will look awesome on you’. Well it will, but that kind of money is what you may be saving to buy a cycle instead of a running shoe! However the ‘friend’ may not even intend hurting you…just that she mentioned it. You will realize it only when you go home and see the bills!

2. The Miser: Who may / may not have the money but not willing to spend. Such a person who is not a great person to be around with – unless YOU know how to split the bills as much as you can. Asking for separate bills is a nice way of sending the message across. You now must hope the you did not eat from his / her plate…after all you do not want to be told ‘hey you took 2 bites of MY idli’ do you?

3. The Non Mathematician: the ‘friend’ who cannot divide the joint bills on a correct basis. There are certain costs which are not divisible, and certain costs which the friend would have incurred anyway. For example there are some friends who expect fuel expenses to be shared, and some who do not. Worst are those who claim that they do not mind, but tell the whole world that he/she did not – and you DID NOT PITCH IN. This is the worst combination. The world does not owe you a living, so pay up, or at least offer to pay up.

another 10 more will follow…

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  1. Very good Subra sir,
    Everyone faces this money equation in everyday life with friends,collegues etc.
    I would like to take your opinion on following senario
    What if suppose one person pays up for the bill this time(or the 2nd person has forgotten the money and asks 1st person to pay up the bill) as he expects the 2nd person to pay up the bill next time,but when next time comes that person doesnt pay up either he has forgotten deliberately or genuinely.
    What can one do in this case?
    you cannt ask hey pay up my bill I paid last time for you dont you remember,it is taken as indecency and defenitely you dont want him telling around hey look he is so money minded he asked me to pay for that one dosa/idli that he paid,he is so miser asking for such small sum of money.
    So what do you do in this case when sum of money may be small say 50rs for snack or what if it is larger like in dinner.


  2. What would you do in a senario when you pay the bill for say snacks,movie,dinner etc. and expect other fellow to pay for the next bill when we met again or the fellow asks you to pay the bill as he doesnt have money now and will give later.
    And in both these case the fellow never pays backs either he has forgotten geniunly or purposefully or you havent seen him for long.
    Now how do you ask back and more over if its small amount say 50-100 rs it will be indecent to ask or you just take it as a loss?
    You dont want to meet the person after long and ask the first thing hey give me 200rs i paid for your movie ticket remember.

  3. Hey Subra,

    Point #1 is for me, to take learning from it; I am going to divert my purchase of “latest shoe” to something economical, & use the savings to fund My cycle Propject 🙂
    So that makes me ready to buy my cycle by end of Dec 2013 🙂

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