I tell my children(s) …I sound tough, and cruel, because I love you. If I did not care about you, I would not comment about your health, hobbies, eating, careers, jobs or personal finance.

Ok kids, if I have told you any of the following, first my apologies, but I can assure you it is for you to remember – it is an outpouring of love, nothing else:

1. You live too big for your income! – that seems to be a problem today. Too may of you live far beyond the NPV of your future cash flows will allow. This happens because you have still not starting to provide for your house, kids, middle age, job loss, fall in income – and goddamn retirement. Nothing personal.


2. You cannot afford that ‘asset’ : when you think of a geyser, car, or airconditioner remember the running expenses kill! It is not like buying a camera or a laptop, where there are no running costs…you get what I mean right?http://www.subramoney.com/2013/06/talking-to-children-about-money-responsibilities/


3. Oh you plan to be retired for 22 months? When one person told me she plans to have about Rs. 2 million when she retires (she is now 27 years of age) – I said this…and had to say it!

4. So you will be dead for 5 years….after that what? Same as 3. When you are terribly underinsured (read: Term plan) – I need to remind people of the need for life insurance. Just having a life insurance policy is of no USE at all.

5. ‘Your’ house? Just because Hdfc is nice enough to allow you to say so? Stop paying the EMI – and we will soon find out darling! It is only ‘your’ house after you have paid the 360th installment.

6. If you have a ‘dream’ career thrown at you will you work for FREE? – sick and tired of kids saying ‘this is a boring job’  and ‘will work wherever I get a job’ – in the Indian conditions it means a) i need a 9-5 job  b) location should be my hometown, Mumbai or Gurgaon and c) it should pay a decent weeks salary for a decent day’s work.

7. Of course you are worth much much more than what your current job is paying – but the premium of ‘job security’ is what you are paying back. You like the whole package of learning, location, friends, boss, flexibility, timing, travel, attitude,  – money is just one portion dear, so stop cribbing.

8. The emergency fund? Of course you need it – forget job switching – even to come out of your current marriage, CASH STRENGTH is required. Yes, she needed the cash, Yes for the very purpose that I mentioned.

9. ‘If you do not know how to do costing, raise a bill, and collect money, you will burn your fingers, hand and body in business’: Lets face it! Some people are just not capable of saying ‘I have done this job for you and here is my bill…and I expect a payment by Friday’ – well, nothing wrong. Do not take up a sales job or do your own business. Unless of course your father in law is your VC.

10. Never confuse Efforts with Results: think like a businessman. A businessman gets paid only when he delivers a good product. So it is the same for a employee. Harsh? but true

11. As a businessman I never worried who got the credit for any work done, as long as I got the cash! In work life too do not bother too much – your clients and competitors are also watching you!



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