these are not my favorite top 5, but top 5 in terms of readership – two pages I am not mentioning are a page called ‘author’ which is the landing page from Yahoo finance – and so has an amazingly high number of hits and one post about Sachin Tendulkar and Obama.

One more page that gets a huge amount of his is about why Ratan Tata was not called the Richest Man in the World – even though he is.

My learning – at least on the net the head lines has to be catchy – very a title like

‘If you died tonight, what would your family do?’ will attract more readers than

‘How much life insurance do you think you need – to damn bland and too salesman type of heading…and therefore sick…

People may like an article on FB but does not mean it gets retweeted

the number of likes on FB is a better indicator than the FB figure of  ‘3455 people have read this post’ because on this day My figure from wordpress could be 890 – nowhere near the FB figure…but I trust the WP figure more…

People read about term insurance but buy Unit linked plans. Just human behavior…dat is all..

My blog is aimed at the 30 year old – but the average age of the reader is about 40. The younger kids do not have enough stickiness

The gender equation is about 50:50 – this gives tremendous happiness. Women reading about finance is awesome good news for the country.

So here are the top 5 – ignoring these 3 exceptions mentioned above….








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  1. ” My blog is aimed at the 30 year old – but the average age of the reader is about 40. ”

    – Please don’t say this Subra sir, I am 24 and a follower and reader of your blog from past 2 years.

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