When Mr S B called me and said ‘Subra I want to meet you….I said yes’

I said fine, but however I want you to come with the following:

His portfolio (in www.myiris.com, or www.valueresearchonline.com or www.moneycontrol.com)

and a one pager on EACH investment…containing the following:

Name of the instrument:

Premium / installment

date of commencement

committed period:

total period:

PHILOSOPHY of why he had bought that instrument


What goal (if any) that instrument was supposed to meet:


Was the goal over, not an important goal, goal still to be met?


Name of the agent, phone number, whether he was in touch with the agent


the Equity: Debt proportion

IRR (so far), promised IRR, and what action he plans if the current IRR was way far off from the promised IRR

what %age of the portfolio it currently occupied….


– the catch was HIS wife was supposed to explain the document to me.

He reacted in panic.

How would you react? Would you run away or dare to come?

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  1. Good thing your living isn’t dependent on you being a financial planner 😉 no one will want to be your client!

  2. Subra,

    I see your point. We have to have some logic and a clear plan before we start putting our money in any investment instrument. Without tsuch a plan the results are also unpredictable.
    Some of the web based applications provide most of the calculations you mention what we need in addition is our own planned returns on capital invested. I won’t be scared to meet you any time.


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