for those who are not tired of reading me…the horror of watching me


on Pehredar with Priyanka Sambhav

17th and 18th….

An exclusive programme addressing consumer grievances and protecting their interest; Aired on Saturdays at 3.30pm & 8pm and on Sundays at 1pm & 9pm….Cnbc Awaaz


u will be able to read about it too…on my posts some time soon..  has the link to the youtube…video


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  1. Saw the show,you looked funny without hair and large set of ears though advise given on insurance was good as usual

  2. I watched it only to know how P V Subramanyam ‘the Subra sir’ looks like.

    Seems like once in a while the TV channels too invite genuine experts like you.

    A little perplexed though. In one of your blogs you had advised to prefer PSU over the private health insurance, but today I heard you saying “PSUs have their own way of working.Decide if you wish to give them your business or not”. This makes me think- ‘PSU health insurers are bad, and the private ones are worse’.
    Where to go then?

  3. Saket I agree with you 200%. I have always advocated govt insur companies FOR HEALTH INSURANCE. I have a policy from New India. In this case the insur co. has TREATED THE DOCTOR shabbily. I have a good agent and I hope (poor strategy, but helpless) that he can help me. Sure I can make a few calls, scream, write on my blog – ask Priyanka Sambhav to call New India – but I really do not know the FM or PM..seriously I have no clue. Even here Oriental told Pehredar…’we will talk to the client’ – really sad, and Saket I am as clueless as you are.

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