You see some people and wonder from where they get so much energy to serve others!

I know of somebody, let us call him P, and he has been serving his parents for almost 2 decades. It has been an amazing service, and I am not sure what gives him so much strength to do it.

He has no compulsions to do it, but he does it. No further comments!

There is another person, and let us call him N. His case gets a little more weird. His parents had a daughter and she was challenged. This meant that that girl child would need life long care, and from a person who would do it voluntarily. Fairly obviously this is a thought that would cross the mind of any parent.

Perhaps that thought was expressed or stayed on in the thoughts of the parents.

They then had a son. Surely the thoughts of the parents got transmitted (you need to get 24 horses to pull me away from that point of view)..and a the son had (s) this service attitude. Obviously, when you have that attitude, it cannot be ‘restricted’ to just his sister – it is in fact second nature to him. People with this attitude also develop a very high sense of justice, peace, and love.

So the fact that he came to this world to look after his sister is so engrained in him that he did not get married. His need in life for some solace has been religious. This allows him to see ALL his service to his sister, his friends, his neighbors, his religious associates, …as part of his life. So much so that he did not even consider marriage – a real life, modern day ‘Bheeshma’ who sacrificed his worldly pleasures to meet the requirements of his ‘father’s family responsibilities.

Not sure whether even if HIS OWN  parents acknowledge that . His neigbhbors do NOT.  In fact the co-operative society is a vague animal where nobody wishes to do anything, but everybody ‘hopes’ things will turn out fine!

Are there many such people in the world?

Surprisingly yes.

These are the people who run Sabhas, samaj’s, become Trustees of hospitals (I know one trust where the trustees meet EVERYDAY), runner’s outfits (arranging events, co-ordinating events..)……their ONE AND ONLY goal is to make the art / sport more famous!

God bless all of them.

I am not naming any of the people…it would be embarrassing for them. Here this is a REAL salute!


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  1. Subra,


    Not sure if I would be able to do what the brother with mentally challenged sister is doing – without any bitterness, resentment.

    I know how much I have to grow!

  2. And SAM he is not young anymore – he is a couple of years elder to me. If he were born 150 years ago, we would have called him a saint. Even now he does 1 hour talk sessions at a Jain temple very very near YOUR Ghatkopar house 🙂

  3. The people who has really defined the “purpose of life”. May God bless them. They do it so peacefully and the world never notices and even their left hand doesn’t know what their right is doing..

    If we look around we can find many such noble hearts but the thing is the opposite characters outnumber these by far and get the focuses and attention too.

  4. Subra,
    spell binding, hair raising exp as I read this.

    A bit shameful too as I get restless at times in life with the loved ones.

    thank you so much for posting this


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