This is not a financial post, so what is it doing in this blog? Good question, but I felt that a question like this has a tremendous impact on your portfolio too. Taking your eye off the ball for a long time can create havoc with your portfolio. That could be scary.

Grief takes a toll on your health – mental and physical. So the minute you are in grief, you need to pump up your exercises. It has a fantastic effect on grief. So the first thing is

a) join a gym. Or take to a sport – anything that you enjoy. Pump iron like there is no tomorrow. Of course consult a doctor before you do something new.

b) We are a creature of many support groups – schoolmates, college mates, old neighbors, new neighbors, colleagues – current and ex, interest groups – investment clubs, running clubs, walking clubs, – whatever. Call on all of them.

c) Immerse yourself in work. Completely – if you are too tired to brood, you will not brood.

d) Get a friend to handle your portfolio – if you think that the grief will clutter your thinking. Even if you do not think it will, talk to your investment consultant / broker / …whoever and see if your decision making is impaired…

e) Remember you have your job, friends, relatives, – one part of that failing does not kill the other things.

f) There is nobody standing there who will accumulate all your mistakes to throw at you. It just does not happen. Relax.

g) Do not brood. The mind loves self pity. Self pity is processed grief and a sense of buying sympathy. Do not do it. It just does not help. It weakens you.

h) Be in the company of younger, happier and positive people. Sports groups help a lot. Even running, cycling, swimming – which are not group sports help.

i) give up the company of negative thinking people. They hurt, and hurt badly…..

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