This is not a post about running, but even in the running space, this holds true…

There is a very popular note by Dr. Philip Maffetone who says teaching your body to run slowly – and burn fat is more important. So in the long run (since you have more fat deposits in your body) learning to run slow and burning fat is a very important skill.

Now in the case of wealth too, you need ‘shraddha’ and ‘saburi’ (dedication and patience) to get really wealthy. Yes you may have seen ‘get rich quick schemes’ but there are NO ‘get wealthy’ quick schemes at all 🙂 So it is YOUR patience that builds wealth.

Having dealt with the kids of the ‘I want it NOW’ generation, we do realize that this holds true for their careers too, but telling them seems tough. They just want to be Vee Pee (or senior vee pee) in 7 years time..period.

Does it make sense? to me no, but if I tell them they may not listen to me…

So what if the super guru of all gurus told them? say Harvard? will they listen? frankly it does not matter to me….but hey here it is:

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