Many people ask me for the best investment advice ever…

This obviously has to be a very small post:

1. Write down your financial goals: Clearly, SMARTLY, ….write.

And see what each goal will do for you, say it out loudly, believe in it. Make sure YOU want it. Not your mom, wife, child, ….YOU, YOU , YOU.


3. Monitor like a maniac….see what you are doing on a regular basis. Every investment should fit into the Investment Philosophy of reaching for your goal.

That is it. Just take these 3 steps ….and you will be financially free. How quickly you reach there is a function of:

– how the markets behave over the next few years

– how much money YOU are able to SIP regularly

– how well you monitor the performance (assuming u understand how it is to be done)

– seek an adviser if you MUST….

Presto! You are there….Congrats…


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  1. Good things in life , come in samll packages ( usually). But we ( humans ) love complexity. So , simplicity is the most difficult part.

  2. Okay, I will ask an investment advice here. Sorry if its not allowed.

    How is Mrinal Singh as a fund manager. I am quite impressed with the following fund:
    ICICI Prudential Discovery Fund – Institutional Option – I.

    What is your opinion?

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