Earning well but poor…was a title which hurt a few people…so I have blunted it a bit by saying ‘not rich’. Please define your levels of ‘not rich’…so here are the reasons:

1. You are stuck to a job: you hate your job, your boss, your timing, your job location….and ditto for your wife. However the ‘dreams’ and the ‘EMIs’ keep you stuck there…

2. You do not like to learn: getting a degree is great, but that has to be polished. Then you need to learn new things in your job  – or more importantly for your future job. You do not do this. You do not like learning – this stresses you because suddenly you see younger people doing the same job that you do much better, and obviously at lower costs. This scares you but….

3. You buy things on the spur: look around you and look for lots of small and big things which you bought. You thought each on these things is going to change your life. Sadly nothing like that happened…

4. You have too big a house and too big a vehicle: When you are a young couple what you need is a 1bhk. However hiring a 1bhk is out because you are ‘entitled’ to a bigger house. So the mother who will visit for a week in a year, there is a spare bedroom….and you annually pay more rent or more EMI.

5. The understanding between Value and Price – sadly your parents did not teach you this. Not because they did not know. Just because they assumed you would know. Sad you do not know the difference. So it is possible that you buy a Hi sounding bag for Rs. 45,000 or a shoe for Rs. 13,000.  Great – at each price point if you KNOW what you are doing, there could be some justice. If you do not,  bad luck….

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  1. Subra,

    With each article of your blog, I realise how lucky I am! Thank You.

    I never had to deal with inlaws or parents saying – how can you live like this or you are entitled to better stuff or they saying I am not comfortable in your house.

    I simply lived a very very simple life, scrimped and now I am literally reaping dividend.

  2. nice renaming of the title 😛
    reading subramoney.com has definitely changed my outlook of life and financial management..

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