I had posted a few reasons why you were earning well but were not getting rich..here are some more reasons:

1. Your vehicle is your passion: For you the vehicle is not just a means of transport, but a status symbol. Something that should turn heads, and hot pants. So you borrow money, buy a guzzler and find that it is not really a family utility vehicle. Sigh. And this toy comes on an EMI.

2. You see others do, but still cannot copy: You see people your age, younger than you etc. earn money, save and invest well. You are awestuck by what they do, but you and your spouse cannot do it.

3. Saving instruments, not investment instruments: So you either do not save at all or both of you (spouse, who else) financial geniuses insist on making PC richer by keeping the money with the government. After all, it is safe, right?

4. Your spending is ‘entitlement’ oriented: ‘Sir…I was too tired I HAD to take a taxi’ or ‘I have to buy a mid level car’ ..to me sounds amusing, but I hear it quite often. You think that the lifestyle that you lead is yours by entitlement. Your friends lead you up the garden path, and you walk happily.

5. You refuse to learn or understand finance: even though you trained or did MBA in finance, your understand and willingness to understand finance is ZILCH. So investing, compounding, early start, diversification, real return – all are words from a different world. That ensures that you will be behind your friends (sadly that bothers you, not the absolute poverty in which you are being ground).




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  1. Thank You Subra !” Jai Kajal” for Our Eyes….. it will give burning sensetion to eyes first before making it cool.”

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