Must see this. Crest Animation is being touted as a MULTI bagger…which means X to become 10X or 20X. Sadly it has become X/10….multi bagger or multi BEGGAR? LOL


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  1. But what to do!! Mr. T doesn’t like to recommend anything other than multtti-baggers…
    In our language (Odia) their is a saying which translates as “even if lord bramha babbles in sleep, it’s veda.”
    something similar is the category of Mr. T.

  2. Good one! Another example is Zylog Systems recommended by Mr P N Vijay where the stock has come down by 85% post recommendation. I burnt my hand in that stock but I am only responsible for that and no one else to blame. The lesson learnt there was how important in depth analysis of balance sheet is!! Another example of great business, excellent ratios etc but screwed up balance sheet is Opto Circuits.

  3. Three days ago I got a message from my broker IIFL, Golden Call, Buy and hold Century Textiles at 386 for a target of 400. Today it is at 363. Good one.

  4. Some years back, I bought UNITECH on recommendation from Anand Rathi., it went up but I waited for the TARGET they mentioned then it came down and went into dumps. It again came back to my buy price recently, I waited assuming a RECOVERY and it seems again going into dumps. It’s entirely my fault am not blaming the company recommended it.

    After that purchase and saying from other blogs, I stated to read Annual Report before INVESTING in any stock., not that I understand it completely but just atleast.

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