I have written many times about why I blog…..or why financial bloggers blog –


to attract customers for their services: not me..My services business has never got any business because of my blogging. I would be happy if I am not hurting my clients and prospects….forget attracting them.

to impact policy: you got to be joking. The regulators do not know that I exist

to change people’s investing and trading habits: hardly. Do you think people listen to blogs when they do not listen to their own parents. Hardly.

to have fun: well I do, so maybe that?

to write on some burning topics: 140 pages completes all personal finance. I have written 3500 pages so far. That is almost 30 times more than what is there to write about EVERYTHING IN PF that I know….so there it goes..

here read on…this article is a nice summary….


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  1. When you blog ,you are giving education which is a great service to people like us who have committed financial mistakes. You help us to prevent us of committing the similar mistakes. In my view you do good.

  2. Subra,
    I don’t know why you blog, but I read your blog because; the ‘Experience’ you have and ‘Experiments’ I want to avoid.

    ‘Experience’ as a general concept comprises knowledge of or skill of some thing or some event gained through involvement in or exposure to that thing or event. The history of the word experience aligns it closely with the concept of experiment. For example, the word experience could be used in a statement like: “I have experience in fishing”. -Wikipedia

    Learn from the mistakes of others…you can’t live long enough to make them all yourself! – Chanakya/Eleanor Roosevelt


  3. I have marked that only financial literates read financial blogs like these which give financial knowledge!!!! others are simply afraid …

    what an irony !!!!!!

  4. “to change peopleā€™s investing and trading habits: hardly. Do you think people listen to blogs when they do not listen to their own parents. Hardly.”
    I think you are wrong in making this statement. I, for one, have benefitted immensely. Wish I had known of this blog in the early years of my career(I’m 35 now). I had read all the entries in your blog in one week once I came to know of it.
    Here are the things I have achieved after reading your blog starting last year.
    1. Started SIPs in March 2012.
    2. Increased the contribution to these SIPs immediately after my pay hike in May 2012. The amount equal to my increase in monthly salary.
    3. Opened a PPF account and started putting in monthly contributions.
    4. Took term insurance and medical insurance in June.
    5. Opened two more SIPs immediately after my car loan got closed. I was anyway accustomed to not seeing that money.
    5. Started building emergency fund.
    6. Tracking and reducing my expenses.
    7. Also do a monthly direct equity investments in a small portfolio of stocks.
    Even though My financial journey has just started, it has been wonderful and I’m a lot more confident.
    All thanks to you and your blog!
    I wish to personally meet and thank you.
    If you can spare a few minutes for me, do let me know when you are next in Pune, I live within a few minutes walk from Athasree.

  5. Namasthe,
    Well, Mahakavi Bharathi has said, if you are wealthy, lend some to the needy, if you are healthy extend some physical help for the needy, and if you do not have all these, say some soothing words and console those who are in sorrow. To serve through blogging was not there in those days and hence he did not include ‘BLOGGING’ in the various types of social services
    Service to Humanity is of many kind. Your Blogs is of a unique kind. Financial Advices are extended only for hefty “FEES”.Mr. Naveen Thota’s letter is a live example of the benefits your readers attain, obviously a different one from cash/kind.
    Keep Blogging,

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