I hope I do not get lynched for the title that I am using. For heavens sake do not show it to your mother, or if you are young enough, to your grandmother.

These days it is customary (and profitable) to run a website in the US teaching people to be frugal. For the Indians born in the 1960s, right up till the 1980…it came easy I guess. So what are such amazing tips to save money:

1. Bottle your own water: When the elders in the house carry water..it is customary to tell them….”Do not carry water, we can buy it. It is more convenient”. True but apart from saving money, it is far healthier for you to CARRY WATER. There is absolutely no guarantee about the quality of water that is available in the so called packaged bottles. I used to do a lot of work for Bisleri long ago..and in the research that they did they came to a conclusion that it was better to drink local water instead of so called bottled water in most places of India. Sad, but true.

2. Carry your own food: Instead of buying food, carry home made food. This is actually much more healthy than eating out. This also looks so ‘uncool’ and old fashioned. After all your grandmom did it. Your mom did it when she was young. Now she has also forgotten that…well, start again.

3. When travelling by car (even just 2 hour rides) carry food and water. It still saves time and money doing this. Of course assuming that home food is cooked food and not just some ‘Kurkure’ and Coke. EEks. People call this food? yuck.

4. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins – it works out cheaper in the long run, except if you are traveling long distances.

5. Walk and cycle instead of using a car or motorcycle.


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  1. Points 1,2,3,4 make sense.
    But 5th one will make you spend more time in commuting.
    After all, time is money , isn’t it?

  2. Point (1) is more to do with usage of reusable water bottles and selling rather than quality of water prepared by firms like Bisleri.

    Point (5) is valid as long as local corporations provide bicycle lanes. At least in Bangalore I have not seen any. Footpaths are still safest to drive bicycles.

  3. Dr M Chandrashekhar

    If you are in Bangalore, pl take a bus ride. The Bus service has improved a lot as compared to 70s & 80s. Then, Auto services were good but now slowly it is worsening.

    In Chennai, pl. avoid Autos. Chances are you will get abused with the choicest & latest Gaalis if you do not pay that joker the exorbitent fare he demands. Ditto with Coolies in Rly Stn.

  4. Well said 🙂 seems difficult to follow 🙁
    But every point is true.
    Recently I went to the central station. I saw tha shatabdi train arriving (mysore to chennai).Few minutes after all the passengers left, few guys boarded the train, took the half filled (left over) bottles, poured the water and made fully filled bottles… dey were taking these filled bottles +empty bottles along with them to reseal them and sell it.:(
    Not even a single person fear that an outsider coudl see wat dey were doing..
    We pay money to drink this jhoota paani!!!!
    rethink .. as subra said , its worth takin the trouble of carrying the water rather than pay n drink jhoota water…
    I guess this will happen only in india….

  5. Mostly our fault. If we have to throw an EMPTY bottle, we need to crush it. I remember bottles were tested – if a full bottle fell, A GOOD BOTTLE BROKE…a bad one was thicker and did not break. LOL

    People think a bad bottle breaks…

    If you are not going to re-use it (that is another plastic nightmare story)…break it…then it can be recycled but not reused by somebody else. People think they are doing the urchins a favor…Actually these kids go and sell it to the manufacturer’s agents …or some quacks who pay Re 1 buck per bottle – not bad at all for a urchin kid…too young to work, but too old to beg 🙂

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