I guess with age one can get philosophical and it helps.

You have a party invite for a Sunday evening and you are excited about going for the same. So you are planning to go for it, and suddenly you get a call saying ‘Mr. X is dead…and we need to attend the funeral’.

So at 3pm you attend the funeral, go home take a bath and at 6pm you are at the party.


Do you go to the funeral and tell the people there

‘Why did this man die and spoil my mood for the party?’

or tell the others at the funeral ‘Arre do not be so downcast, there is a party in the evening?’

or Do you go to the party and

say a) how can you guys be enjoying…a man has died….

or b) I am just coming from a funeral…so I will not party, you guys should also look glum


That is because we human beings understand our roles clearly. We know that at the funeral we are playing our part and at the party we are again playing our part. It does not matter at all to us where we are, we do not mix. Yes if you are very sad about the funeral, we may not go for the party. Or if the person who has died is not close enough, we may not go for the funeral – that is about all.


Similarly i have a set of readers who can tell me the following:

– Subra your site is awesome

– I read your blog regularly without fail. Now my wife, sister, mother, girlfriend…all of them also read it.

– I like your dry sense of humor and sarcasm

– blah blah blah

and then tell you the following too:

Subra here is a statement of my ULIPs

I recently bought a house but have kept it locked because the current yield of rent is too low

I have borrowed Rs. 98 lakhs to buy a house. ย This loan is at 11%. I have Rs. 43 lakhs in my PPF, ….et al

Why does this happen?

Read the earlier part of the post – they think this blog is intellectual and not practical. So they read and they love it. Then they do what they continue to do.

Should I feel worried? No.

Is it contradictory? No.

After all you went to the funeral, went home took bath and went to the party, right?

So far all my ‘friends’, friends from BNI (the Givers Gain Guys n Gals), classmates, colleagues, readers, people who comment, students, customers please continue what you are doing. Change is inconvenient, I agree.

After all do you see me without sarcasm?


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  1. Subra,
    this is hard hitting.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am changing owing to my learning from you for the better.

    Neither a borrower nor a lender be…
    Equity is the preferred option
    I Dont aspire to change my partner.
    No drugs/alcohol/credit to ITC coffers
    Term and health insurance

    Shall I reconsider or add some thing to the above commandments?

  2. actually Dr. Khan not taking bath is ok. Going to the party first and then wearing the same clothes and perfume to go to the funeral is worse. This is NOT because people will find out, but it will offend the others at the funeral.

  3. Subra,

    Am one of those followers who have learned a lot from your blog…
    so SIP – yes, LIC – no, New cell phone – on hold, and accumalting for biggest expense of life ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanx for being there…

  4. dont we go to others funerals only because we want them to come to ours (if they survive?).should we really care? once we are dead,will it matter if nobody attended? #askingquestions

  5. Not true for everyone, Learned a lot and following many, definitely not all, cause some mistakes were made early so correcting them now.

    But yes, the Sarcasm in the blog is very entertaining :), sometimes works as a stress buster.

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