A man with a net worth of Rs. 30 crores. Brains intact, but obsessed with Yoga and fitness. Does yoga all day and NIGHT. Lost only son to a heart attack at an age of 76 (sons age). Wife died 13 years ago at an OLD AGE of 82.

Daughter in law unable to look after his medication needs, and she needs to  travel to be with her children….

What is the solution?

A reasonably young man aged about 60 losing his brain power, cannot talk, cannot use his brains –  and needs just the basics RIGHT. Wife gave up after 13 years service – she had to go her children (now settled in UK)….

What is the solution?

A 80 year old lady unable to look after her 84 year old husband….no children.

A 86 year old man unable to look after a 80 year old wife suffering from depression. Daughter living in Chennai, son living in Gurgaon. Old couple DO NOT WANT TO live with daughter and CANNOT stand the cold in North India. Cannot live alone. Domestic help / cook combination have looted the couple’s house – silver ware, utensils,….missing. They do not have the energy to do shopping, banking, etc.

What is the solution?

Think of such exceptional cases before commenting about people who HAVE to go and live in an old peoples home. I have been to a couple of  O A Hs and found all kinds of people. People who have come there by choice and those who have been forced to come. I have gone ONLY to reasonably well priced ones (cheap ones cost Rs. 10k per month per person, Rs. 50k as deposit) and the expensive ones cost Rs. 10,000 per person per month, but include say a one time refundable deposit of Rs. 1 million.

Life in an old age home is difficult ESPECIALLY for those who feel  they have been forced to go to an OAH.

If you are younger – say around 40 try doing some volunteer work in an O A H. If you are older say 50 start doing research on how you are planning to spend your time in retirement – from 55 to 70, from 70 to 77 and post 77. Take a bet that you will live till you are 90. If you die early, it is a bonus 🙂 If not, at least you are prepared.



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  1. Once in a while When I prefer to donate a small amount I like to donate it to some Orphanage but my dad suggests to donate it old age home.

    Now I am realizing that preferences change with age.

  2. Me and my husband are retired and in mid sixties.Both daughters are married and doing well in their respective families. I keep wondering as it is really good decision to move to a OAH.
    By God’s grace so far we both are in good health.
    But one of us will go first, then for who is left bbehind is it ok? Not sure about options of Old age home.

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