One person named Nitin had written the following in the comments section of one of my posts. My comments are in block letters. Have not changed much – a little comma or a full stop perhaps, but the meaning is captured in full.


Well Investing for retirement you kill yourself everyday as it goes into the background everyday that someday you will be retired and needs this Much.
i have some points

1.  how can one guarantee that a company having solid dividend history will grow and not commit mistake , apple is paying dividend for the first time in history and Hcl may sell his business to lenovo and worse the new govt cancels the license of a Mobile operator and make stock at the same value 5 years before example airtel. One should not blindly invest if your future depends on it.


WHAT IS THE TAKE AWAY FROM THIS POINT – I AM DYING TO KNOW. BTW Airtel was at 285…and moved to 324…during this period too. This was surely better than the sensex move.
2 remember “Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered”


MOTHERHOOD STATEMENT have used it in the past, WHAT TAKE AWAY?
3 a individual investor is up against the strong policy making and greedy FII and DII and they can make your stock crash like a star and in no time you can loose your faith and hard earned money in few seconds


‘GREEDY’…sorry if you are happy with a 8% return you will NOT BE READING THIS BLOG…so where does ‘reasonableness’ end and ‘greed’ start? What is this ‘strong policy making’ and can you give me ANY example of a share crashing in a few seconds and STAYING THERE PERMANENTLY if it is an A group share?
4 dont have too much expectations from your stocks they are not your family

MY TAKE: ….so?
5 remember money has a value and its value can become zero yes zero , i remember some stories in German hyper inflation where people carried money in wheelbarrows for buying stuffs dont depend on one asset class spread your wings you can fly ” if you need protein in diet you should not eat only chicken there are many food having protein open your eyes and look for options “


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  1. If anyone of the middle class, real estate is the only best option as they expect. The value never goes down. The rent increases at par with inflation. None of the investments, advised by all finance planners, including Mr. Subra, never gives returns like a real estate.

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