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  1. i myself do not know atiker…yes we could viral this on fb, tweet, put on our blogs…..and keep asking in public what the powers that be are doing in each state…..

  2. Subra,

    What the hell is happening to the NREGA and coutless other schemes that govt runs? Atleast everybody should have had food!!!!!!! So disgusting!

  3. no amount of nrega scheme is going to overcome the lack of economic freedom the poorest of the poor have.not to mention the lack of property rights over whatever piece of land/tin shack they possess.

  4. Hi Subra,

    small doubt, is 400 Million power less people in india,
    and malnutrition etc… i could not see that much in my state AP.
    is this mostly due to the BIMARU states(BIhar, MAdhya Pradesh, UP, Rajastan, UP, and Orissa)?

    we i could not see that much under developement in AP (may be at max 25% but not at the projected level).

    how do the other indian states do if these states are not considered? just to know how my state looks in that case.

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