Remember for all my anti US stance, I still think it is a great country, and will be rich and successful because of a millions of reasons. Of course they have power, money, arrogance, and the ability to think they can control the world’s destiny.

However the main reasons why it is likely to retain this position are the following:

a. It is a vibrant democracy: Like it or lump it, democracy is the most successful form of government in the 20th Century, and US is a vibrant economy.

b. It attracts the best talent: People like to visit the US, study, work or do business with US. If you are a top 100 Fortune company, you need to deal with India, but every company wants to do business with US. Every student wants an Ivy League education, Mckinsey, Goldman, JP Morgan, GE, Nasa, ….all are employers to die for. All over the world people wanna join these companies. It is a melting point of cultures, castes, creeds, color, …..No other country has such a variety.

c. Capitalism ensures that you can buy whatever you want at a pre determined price.


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  1. & they are leaders in technology and producing (or owning) & exporting high cost goods to world., be it lockheed martin defense equipment or apple iphones ipads, or google, amazon service name it anything which costly.

    Simply by exporting a single Iphone they can import 1 truck of rice

  2. Some similar thoughts are shared in the book, “Entrepreneurial Nation: Why Manufacturing is Still Key to America’s Future” though in a different context. It also is interesting to see how this can affect the “job outsourcing” business to India.

  3. i hate the US govt. it is probably the cause of most trouble to their own citizens and to the rest of us brown skinned people in third world countries.
    anyway,it is the way of the world.the ones with the guns do the talking

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