If 20% of the people own 93% of all the wealth in the US, it cannot be called a democracy…

Here is a brilliantly written article….no clue when I will find such a nice article about our own democracy….

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  1. I believe it is true for any form of government.
    People, who are smarter, who are not afraid to grab, are always going to be on top, whether it is financial or otherwise.

  2. I forgot to mention.
    Democracy is not about equality to all, it only promises equal opportunity to all !
    Like it says in “To kill a mockingbird” some men are always smarter, some ladies bake better cakes etc.,

  3. the article is not nuanced enough.the ‘equality’ angle is meaningless.what anyone would want is not that there be economic equality,but that the bottom most people enjoy a good/decent standard of living. for example,if bill gates walks into a room full of ordinary software engineers,are the engineers supposed to be angry at the inequality? ofcourse not.the engineers lead a very good lifestyle and far richer than the kings of say 400 years back.it doesnt matter that bill gates is 10000 times richer than all of them together.
    second,to be a good analysis,one needs to see how the ultra rich became what they are a)did they get there thru connections with the govt (wall st,lobbyists etc) or b)thru supplying whatever the market demands. if the case is (b) then there is no need to worry.
    does it matter that sachin tendulkar is obscenely wealthy? ofcourse not -he earned his wealth by supplying entertainment to billion people.does it matter that madhu koda or is rich? ofcourse.this wealth is dishonest.

    so inequality is nonsense.do we clamour for taxes on the good looking and tall handsome people because god made most of us average looking and a few dowright ugly?

    people are inherently UNEQUAL .get used to it

  4. btw it is naive to believe that rich people will not influence govt -especially when the govt has the powers to meddle in the economy thru tarrifs,sweet deals and arbitrary licensing and granting of ‘public property(which is another scam altogether).
    people should not take the protestations of a madam/pimp who claims that clients are harming her workers seriously when the whorehouse is open for business.
    only solution to reduce and remove the arbitrary economic powers of the govt in the economic sphere.if the govt has nothing to give,then there will be no rich man standing in line to curry favor

  5. lol at posting an article from such a massive left wing leaning publication as a the huffing and puffing-ton post and trying to discern america’s democracy based on that ..

    as someone said democracy is NOT WEALTH DISTRIBUTION

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